10 Selfies That Went Horribly Wrong


From a surprise squirrel attack to ­­­­­­an incoming baseball to the head, we count ten selfies that went horribly wrong!

10 – Intruder on the Grounds,


  • Drunk fat guys streaking across the field are a pretty common sight at sports games. But what you don’t see every day are streakers snapping excited selfies at the exact moment of their arrest.
  • Okay, so this crazy girl wasn’t streaking, but she did burst onto the grounds to disrupt a baseball game. The Nebraskan woman managed to snap an awesome new Facebook profile picture right as the grounds crew tackled her to the ground.
  • This was probably a hilarious dare, but I doubt she found the four hours in lock up quite as funny.

9 – Selfie with Squirrel,


  • A teenager taking a stroll through a park tried to take a selfie with a squirrel and lived to regret it. A lifetime of Disney cartoons had Brian Genest thinking squirrels were friendly critters that symbolised springtime and first love.
  • But he soon discovered they’re actually territorial little bastards that will claw your face off if startled. The sudden flash from his phone caused Mr Squirrel to leap under his shirt, scurry around frantically, then hang off his back as he ran in fear.
  • Brian’s mom posted the images of his squirrelly ordeal to Instagram to teach him a lesson. The squirrel reportedly lost the taste for acorns and now chews the nuts off any man that comes near it.

8 – Look Around,


  • Selfie lovers, this is a PSA! If you want to exercise your vanity or take risqué photos in public, make sure you look around and check that no one can see you!
  • Like this poor girl. She’s just minding her own business doing a bit of duck facing when a nearby driver flips her one angry bird. Photo ruined!
  • Then there’s this office worker, who wanted to immortalise the moment she deepthroated a banana in a selfie. Unfortunately one of her co-workers happened to be walking by at that exact moment. Now there’s an awkward tension between whenever anyone brings up bananas in conversation.

7 – Floater in the Pool,


  • Here’s a lesson for any girl who acts like her shit doesn’t stink.
  • A young woman tried to take a bathroom selfie to show the world how damn sexy she was, how she had all the sex appeal in the world and, nope, she wasn’t sharing any of it.
  • But while taking the photo at a flattering top-down angle, she didn’t notice the huge visible floater bobbing away in her toilet. Sorry, Poo Girl, but I’m afraid your sex appeal card has to be revoked for six months.

6 – Bad Role Models,


  • Bad influences are everywhere these days so it’s important that kids have positive role models in their lives. This will ensure they grow up to be good people.
  • Unfortunately it also means these kids will no hope in hell. I mean, haven’t any of these bad moms and slutty aunts heard of going into the other room before exposing children kid to their shameful sex selfies?
  • Kids are sexualised enough without mom showing them the best way to give a lap dance. They get enough of that … well, basically every time they leave the house!


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