10 Serial Killers With Obsessive Groupies


From a man who dismembered prostitutes to ­­­­­­a Satan-worshipping rapist, we count ten serial killers who somehow attracted groupies!

10 – Wayne Adam Ford,


  • You’d think there’d be nothing attractive about a man who picks up and dismembers prostitutes but I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder… I say that because for Victoria Redstall that was a huge turn-on.
  • The sicko in question was Wayne Adam Ford who actually sent his victims’ severed breasts to police to taunt them. He was eventually caught and, when Victoria heard his story, she found a way to get introduced to Wayne in jail. Henry was super happy to see Victoria because she was a busty British actress who – get this – was a spokesperson for a breast enhancement supplement. Just his type.
  • During these prison visits, the pair sang together and talked about their childhoods. Victoria had saved a picture of Wayne as her cell phone background and told people she trusted him with her life. Women are so complicated…

9 – Jeffrey Dahmer,


  • If you think crime doesn’t pay, serial killer Jeffrey ‘The Milwaukee Cannibal’ Dahmer will prove you wrong. Jeffrey received over $12,000 from his disturbed fans across the country.
  • He was in prison for the sexual assault, murder and dismemberment of seventeen men and boys, and was also known to partake in a little necrophilia and cannibalism.
  • Jeffrey was caught when one of his victims was seen running handcuffed and naked down the street. The case was pretty clear cut, with it only taking five hours to convict the murderous psychopath. He was given sixteen life sentences, but didn’t actually get to serve them since he was murdered by another inmate in 1994.

8 – Charles Schmid,


  • Unconditional love is great and everything, but surely there has to be some conditions? I mean, if you found out your significant other chewed their fingernails or, say, murdered children, well those would be deal-breakers, wouldn’t they? Apparently not for the devoted groupies of serial child-killer Charles S
  • Schmid proved what a lot of people have always suspected: you can pretty much get away with anything if you’re good looking. His 1960s trial attracted record-breaking crowds of women who came out just to get a glimpse of him, like he was Elvis or something.
  • Even widely respected author Joyce Carol Oates wrote a short story about him. He must’ve had some secret power that made women swoon.

7 – Henry Lee Lucas,


  • Okay, apparently you don’t need to be good looking to find love. It turns out there’s hope for everyone – even if you’re a one-eyed mass murderer with rotting teeth like Henry Lee Lucas. Isn’t that, err, comforting…
  • Henry allegedly killed hundreds of people – including his own mother! – though only three of these could be confirmed. He shared an unhealthy interest in death and rape with his thieving friend and secret lover Ottis Toole. The pair got up to all sorts of unsavoury shit together.
  • But despite all of these issues – and a brief foray into incest – Henry still attracted the attention of several female admirers when he was eventually sent to prison. He even concocted a plan to exonerate himself by posing a fan as one of his victims. It failed spectacularly and Henry died in prison in 2001.

6 – Charles Manson,


  • Everyone and his dog knows about the notorious Charles Manson, whose cultish fan club ‘The Manson Family’ make the Addams Family seem normal. Manson famously commanded his followers to break into the home of starlet Sharon Tate and go on a murder spree.
  • When Manson and his followers were arrested, old crazy eyes Charlie became a celebrity and counterculture hero. Women flocked to his murder trial, sent him letters vowing their servitude and visited him in prison.
  • In 2013, one of Manson’s many groupies, a young woman named Star, announced to the world that she would marry the seventy-nine-year-old. But Charles was like ‘No way, man’. You can’t tame Charles Manson.


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