10 Shocking Gaming Secrets

  • From toiletry to being unintentionally racist, we count 10 shocking secrets from the gaming industry.

10 – Black and White – Punishment,


  • Black and White is a god game where, among many other things, you can either punish or praise creatures in order to encourage or inhibit any behaviour they might perform.
  • Prior to a patch, this included being able to punish creatures that pooped, causing them to become permanently constipated.

9 – Final Fantasy XV – Culture Shock,

Paul Nigh's 'TeamTimeCar.com' Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine

  • When you think of Final Fantasy, chances are you think of Japanese culture, which seems more than a little odd to the west, but did you know that FF15 is actually inspired by an American movie?
  • Apparently they want to emulate the mood created when Marty McFly comes back to the future in the second film and is shocked by the future world, but everyone else just treats it as normal.

8 – Dark Souls – Poorly Named,             


  • Dark Souls is another title that takes influences from western culture, to the point where the characters are all voiced in English, even in the Japanese versions.
  • But they didn’t really do that much research because the first title for Dark Souls was ‘Dark Race’, which as you might imagine didn’t go down well, so then they changed it to Dark Ring.
  • Poor Fromsoft, first you’re racist and then you conjure up the image of an arsehole, at least third time was the charm in this case.

7 – Golden Eye 64 – Emulation,


  • The Nintendo 64’s cartridges were notorious for their cartridges having a very limited amount of space, however Rareware managed to hide something rather extraordinary in Golden Eye 64.
  • Steve Ellis programed a ZX Spectrum emulator inside the games code, just to see if it were possible, funnily enough it actually works really well, of course there aren’t any ROMS in their as well, but it’s still an impressive feat.

6 – Dead Island – Gender Wars,


  • If you mention anything related to feminism on the internet you’re bound to have sparks fly within one or two comments, but sometimes you really have to question why people do it.
  • Especially in the case of Dead Island, where the skill ‘Gender Wars’ was referred to as ‘Feminist Whore’ in the game’s code during development.
  • I get that no one was supposed to see it, but why take the risk?


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