10 Shocking Moments in Live TV

  • From on air suicides to moments that would change the course of history we look at 10 shocking moments in live TV.

10 – Tommy Cooper’s Death,


  • Talk about a comedy act just dying on stage, the audience got a little more than they bargained for.
  • Iconic British-Welsh comedian Tommy Cooper was performing on a live TV show called “Live from Her Majesty’s” where he suffered a fatal heart attack on stage. The audience however thought it was all part of the act and continued to laugh as he fell down on stage.
  • Finally a commercial break was called and Cooper was dragged back stage where EMT’s tried to revive him. However for some reason the show still went on forcing the paramedics to work in the dark back stage.

9 – The Murder of Allison Parker and Adam Ward,


  • This is one of those rare TV moments where the crew filming are the ones that involved in the shocking event.
  • During Live interview we suddenly hear gunshots and screams as the camera man falls to the ground capturing the killer for a brief second. The feed cuts back to the studio to a news anchor who is just as shocked as we are.
  • Turns out the murder was a former work college at the station Vester Flanagan murdered the pair after he was laid off and even filmed the whole even from his perspective as well, uploading it to the net before killing himself.

8 – Manilla Bus Siege,


  • The broadcast that made millions never want to ride on a greyhound coach ever again.
  • Former Pilipino police officer Rolando Mendoza took a tourist bus of 25 people hostage demanding that he get a fair hearing over his recent dismissal. The 10 hour siege was broadcast live and showed the Manilla SWAT team storming the bus with lots of gunfire involved.
  • 8 people were killed including Mendoza in a gun battle that lasted 90 minutes in total. Screw taking the bus I’ll just take a plane, safe safe hijack free aeroplanes.

7 – Waco Siege,


  • A bloody and brutal gunfight that would be one of the most infamous moments of 90s all caught on live TV.
  • As a 51 day long siege of the Waco compound belonging to the Branch Davidians cult finally came to a head in a hail of tear gas, bullets and a blazing fire that would eventually engulf the whole place.
  • Viewers looked on as the FBI stormed the buildings and flames rose, eventually killing 76 including cult leader David Koresh. The whole event would also be a primary inspiration for Timothy McVeigh’s Oklahoma City bombing.

6 – The Assassination of Inejiro Asanuma,


  • Well this would certainly spice up those boring political debates about tax rates, stabbing a candidate to death with a katana.
  • In 1960 the leader of the Japanese Socialist Party Inejiro Asanuma was participating in a debate for an upcoming election when 17 year old Otoya Yamaguchi rushed the stage and impaled him on a yoroidoshi sword, killing him almost instantly.
  • Yamaguchi was a militant nationalist, arrested immediately after and eventually killed himself in prison. The assassination was broadcast repeatedly after the incident and the socialist party dissolved shortly after so I guess violence does get you what you want.


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