10 Strange Animal Habits That Will Shock You


From fish that fake orgasms to the reasons animals eat faeces, we count ten strange animal habits that will shock you!

10 – Female Brown Trout Fakes Orgasms,


  • Scientists have learnt that female brown trout regularly fake orgasms. They discovered this the way most marine life breakthroughs occur: by watching 117 pairs of fish going at it in an aquarium.
  • While humans fake the big ‘o’ to spare their lover’s feelings, female brown trouts do it to encourage males to ejaculate prematurely. Instead of quivering and releasing her eggs, the female will hold back at the last minute if she thinks there’s a chance of breeding with a superior male.
  • The beta trout is fooled into thinking he’s successfully mated with her, and swims off feeling like a fishy stud. But alas it was all a lie…

9 – Carnivorous Pandas,


  • Pandas are known as wise and gentle creatures that primarily eat bamboo shoots – so animal lovers were shocked when footage emerged of a wild panda greedily tearing into a goat carcass.
  • Other footage showed a panda in captivity first stalking and then murdering a peacock that had wandered into its cage. Most people believe pandas are peaceful herbivores but they’re still a part of the bear family, and have the digestive system of a carnivore. The only reason they eat bamboo is because their stomachs’ special microbes allow them to process it.
  • Kung-Fu Panda would have been a very different film if it’d shown the beasts’ true nature…

8 – Insomniac Dolphins,


  • Mothers of newborn babies may complain that they don’t get enough sleep but at least they get some. While human babies sleep for up to sixteen hours a day, newborn dolphin calves don’t sleep at all for the first few months of their lives, and poor old mom has to stay awake with them the whole time to make sure they’re safe.
  • That’s not all! Dolphins have a strange relationship with sleep even without newborns. Like us, dolphins are mammals and need oxygen to live. They can remain under water for around twenty minutes, but then have to return to the surface if they want to stay alive. It’d be pretty frustrating waking up every twenty minutes just to breathe – I mean, going to the bathroom in the middle of the night is inconvenient enough! – but dolphins have a clever way around this.
  • By sleeping with one eye open, they keep half their brains awake. This means they’re conscious enough to avoid predators and travel to the surface, but their brain still gets the rest it requires. When one side of the brain is sufficiently rested, they swap and close the other eye.

7 – Lizard Shoots Blood From Eye,


  • If you’ve ever gotten so angry you almost burst a blood vessel in your eye then you may have been a horned lizard in a past life. These creatures have a rather disgusting defence mechanism: they squirt a concentrated stream of blood from their eyes!
  • The stream can travel an amazing five feet and intimidates many of the horned lizard’s natural predators, which include coyotes and wild cats. The blood has no poison in it, but creates a few seconds of chaos, allowing the desert-dwelling lizard to scurry off as fast as his legs will carry him.
  • So how does the horned lizard pull off such an amazing party trick? They voluntarily raise the blood pressure in their sinuses until they literally explode.

6 – Elephant Grief,


  • The saying ‘an elephant never forgets’ is meant to be about vengeance, but it’s actually pretty sad when you consider it could also be about mourning. You see, elephants are extremely empathetic creatures. They have deep respect for the dead and complete rituals to honour lost loved ones.
  • For example, if an elephant comes across the bones of a deceased elephant it will hang around to pay respects. Elephants often voluntarily visit elephant gravesites for hours or even days at a time, ignoring their own hunger or thirst.
  • They’ve also be known to cover the bodies of humans, dogs or other elephants in leaves, dirt or branches as a sign of respect. Definitely a remarkable animal.


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