10 Strangest Places Dead Bodies Have Been Found


From the set of a crime show to inside a convenience store air conditioner, we count ten of the weirdest places dead bodies have been found!

10 – CSI: New York,


  • The crew behind CSI: New York see gruesome shit all the time, but nothing prepared them for the actual real life human corpse that was found on set in 2006.
  • The crew were getting set to film a scene in downtown A. – I know, right? CSI: – when a building engineer stumbled across a mummified corpse during a routine building inspection.
  • The creepiest part is the actual plot of the episode involved a mummified corpse. I wonder if they considered using it in a scene. Sure it’d be disrespectful, but it’d save hours on makeup…

9 – On a Couch,


  • A Bristol man somehow forgot all about the rotting corpse that had sat on his couch for ten years. Supposedly Alan Derrick had invited the homeless man Denis Pring to crash on his couch back in ’98 – and Denis had died after a night of heavy boozing.
  • Alan was terrified so he decided not to tell anyone. He tipped his couch over, closed the door and pushed that memory into the corner of the mind that’s reserved for repressed shit.
  • Alan’s neighbours complained about a bad smell, but they knew Alan lived in squalor so figured it was probably just year-old food scraps or something. It wasn’t until Alan moved out in 2008 that authorities discovered the dirt pile and bones that was formally Denis Pring. A coroner confirmed the cause of death was hypertension or ‘drinking too damn much’.

8 – Gym Mat,


  • American high schools have seen a lot of tragedy in recent years, but this 2013 case is particularly unsettling. The body of seventeen-year-old Kendrick Johnson was found rolled up in a gym mat at Georgia’s Lowndes County High.
  • Officials ruled the death was caused by accidental asphyxiation. They believe Kendrick got caught in the mat while trying to retrieve a lost sneaker.
  • But Kendrick’s grief-stricken parents think otherwise. They believe their son was murdered by two classmates, whom he’d had fights with the previous year. No evidence was found to substantiate this, but Kendrick’s parents went as far as to claim that this is because local authorities had covered it up. Whatever the case, it shows high school has become a pretty dangerous place.

7 – Teddy Bear,


  • Buy one soft cuddly teddy bear and receive a free helping of … human remains? That’s the deal Joshua Scott from Alabama got when he purchased a five-dollar teddy bear from a thrift shop.
  • When he got home, he discovered an urn full of human ashes inside the bear. Like, seriously, how is that an acceptable way to dispose of someone’s ashes? I mean, how hard is it to walk five feet and scatter them outside? You don’t go entombing someone’s soul in a stuffed toy. This isn’t the movie Child’s Play.
  • Anyway, Joshua reported his insane finding but no one stepped up and laid claim to the urn. Makes you wonder about this mysterious bear’s origin. Think of all the crazy shit it must’ve seen…

6 – Haunted House,


  • Every year, an Illinois family gets into the Halloween spirit by turning their home into a super spooky haunted house attraction. But in 2014, visitors got an extra dose of terror when they realised one of the props was actually a real dead body!
  • An unknown seventy-one-year-old man had died in the house and was left there for three weeks. It wasn’t until a little boy told his parents that he was ‘scared of the old stinky dead man’ that the host family realised something was seriously wrong. Another child, thinking it was a prop, knocked the corpse over, severing its arm and sending blood and bodily fluids everywhere.
  • It’s believed the man suffered a heart attack. The only silver lining is that the family definitely had like the most realistic haunted house ever.


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