10 Strangest Things Accidentally Filmed in Movies


From crew members to thrown animals, we count 10 of the strangest things accidentally filmed in movies.

10. The Last Samurai


Background extras normally get small pay for working long hours, like in the 2003 film “The Last Samurai”, starring Tom Cruise.

The film told the story of a former American army officer who is hired by the Emperor of Japan to train the country’s first army in modern warfare. In one scene, when Cruise’s character arrives on horseback for the final battle, he dismounts. However, the horse must’ve had a problem with the extra because, after Cruise dismounts, the horse kicks the extra in the groin. You’d think he would be on the ground, writhing in pain… but no, he took it like a man and stayed in character.

That’s one extra who deserved a raise!

9. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl


Movie making is a lot of work that involves a lot of people. Everyone on set has their own responsibility. The First Assistant Director, for example, is usually the one in charge of clearing the set prior to filming a scene.

During the filming of “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”, another 2003 film, one person – presumably a crew member – can be seen behind Johnny Depp’s left, staring into the water. This man sticks out like a sore thumb, too. While everyone else in the scene is dressed in dark, dirty clothing… the man is wearing a white t-shirt and cowboy hat. You can see it when Captain Jack Sparrow gets the Black Pearl and gives orders to his men.

Hope the man enjoyed his three seconds of fame.

8. Mr. Nanny


In the early 1990’s, there was something that made many viewers who saw it think, “What the hell?” No, it wasn’t pro wrestler Hulk Hogan’s attempt at a film career.

Actually, it was in the 1993 comedy, “Mr. Nanny”, where the Hulkster plays a former wrestler hired as a bodyguard and nanny to a businessman’s two kids. At the beginning of the movie, a man throws his dog into the ocean as Hogan rides by on his motorcycle. We don’t know why the man threw his poor dog into the ocean, but it’s still a “what-the-hell” moment in an otherwise forgettable movie.

But who knows? Maybe it was planned, and the dog ended up getting stunt pay.

7. Teen Wolf


The 1985 comedy “Teen Wolf” is known for more than just being a werewolf movie starring Michael J. Fox.

It’s known for the ending – no, not when Fox’s character wins his high school basketball game – but as the camera pans up the bleachers. In the bleachers are many extras, one of whom can be seen in the far left with his (or her) fly open. This is such a well-known moment that people have even called the gender of the extra in question. At first, people thought it was a man exposing his manhood. Then, there were actually theorists who believed it was really a woman, judging by the build and appearance of the extra.

But the crotch was still visible when it wasn’t supposed to be, so… does the gender really matter?

6. Jurassic Park


Even the popular, Steven Spielberg-directed summer blockbuster “Jurassic Park” couldn’t escape this list.

Yet another film released in 1993, what was accidentally filmed wasn’t the fault of a background extra, or the result of a forgetful crew member although that can be argued. It turns out the camera panned up a little too much in the famous scene where the dinosaurs first break out of their enclosures during a thunderstorm. When the T-Rex raises its head and lets out its signature roar, the camera pans up a little too far and reveals a bit of movie magic… one of the many sprinklers used to create the effect of heavy rainfall.

But admit it, you didn’t see it because you were too focused on the scene.


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