10 Surprising Things You May be Addicted to

  • From lip balm to ­­­­­­smartphones, we count ten surprising things you may be addicted to!

10 – Lip Balm,


  • When they get dry lips, most people’s first instincts are to reach for their trusty lip balm. But did you know that this can easily become a compulsion? It’s true: some people unknowingly apply lip balm up to three hundred times a day!
  • Most lip balms are made up of phenol, menthol and camphor. They’re not chemically addictive in the way alcohol and cigarettes are, but the ritual of taking out and applying your ChapStick can be very comforting – especially in winter when those savage cold winds go to town on your lips.
  • Although the whole point is to moisturise them, some lip balm brands actually dry out your lips, creating a horrible cycle of drying and reapplying. For some, these physical symptoms trigger a psychological reaction, creating addiction.

9 – Tanning,


  • Everybody likes to nice and bronze in the summertime, but some people are straight up addicted to tanning.
  • A study has found that prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays actually causes changes in brain activity. The sun’s ultraviolet rays cause the release of endorphins, a chemical that makes you feel all kinds of good inside. This causes people to stay out in the sun for long periods, even though the risk of sunburn and skin cancer is well-documented.
  • Indoor tanners are even more dangerous and just as addictive. OCD sufferers and people with body dysmorphic disorders are even more susceptible to tanning addictions. But, guys, it’s not worth it. You don’t want to be that leathery old person on the beach. You just don’t.

8 – Video Games,


  • Pwning noobs in your favourite first-person shooter is one of life’s small pleasures, but it’s scarily easy for your video game hobby to escalate into a full-blown addiction.
  • Gaming addictions are most common in males, with one study revealing that one in ten gamers aged between eight and eighteen have full on lost the ability to distinguish reality from fantasy. Treatments include counselling, behaviour modification and fucking going outside.
  • Like most addictions, compulsive gaming can jeopardise careers and relationships. Some gamers have even died from exhaustion. As with most things moderation is the key. If you enjoy no-lifing it or spend an unreasonable amount of time with a controller in your hand, it might be time to reassess your priorities. Forget that achievement or trophy. Life’s a game. Go win at that instead.

7 – Falling in Love,


  • Every group of friends has that one person who cycles from relationship to relationship, like they’re afraid of spending five minutes alone. Well, it turns out this person could be addicted to falling in love!
  • Psychologist Arthur Aron believes falling in love activates the same brain system as a full-fledged drug addiction. As new love blossoms, we get a euphoric ‘dose’ that makes us feel good. But as we grow more familiar with the person, the feeling begins to fade.
  • This is why serials love rats are always on the lookout for someone new, and why Taylor Swift has dated everyone in the phonebook.

6 – Shopping,


  • Some women like to boast about being shopaholics, but the reality isn’t much fun.
  • Compulsive shoppers are addicted to splashing their cash. In most cases, they don’t spend it on things they need; they do it because they believe their purchases will boost their self-esteem. Browsing stores also gives people a feel-good dopamine hit and online stores have made it easier than ever to part with your hard-earned money.
  • According to a study, nine percent of Americans are prone to compulsive shopping. These people also tend to suffer from anxiety, mood swings or eating disorders.


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