10 Technologies That Could Change Everything

  • From new sources of power to the ability to change what it means to be human, we count 10 types of tech that could change everything.

10 – Augmented Reality,


  • Augmented Reality, or AR, is when you inter-splice computer generated graphics and sounds into reality in real time.
  • This doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but hear me out, if this proliferated no one would ever have to learn another language, especially when auto-translation becomes more efficient.
  • But it’s not just that, it would take away the need for screens on phones, you’d just have something to interface with it, or just move your hands and eyes to control it.

9 – Wireless Power,


  • There multiple different ways we might use wireless power, but the one that looks most promising uses a magnetic field that will encompass your entire house, which can then be used by devices as a power supply.
  • The trick to this is that a magnetic field has no real effect on humans, yet it’s actually the same thing as electricity, hence it being called the electromagnetic field.
  • Like all the items on this list, it exists in a very early stage, but when it arrives say goodbye to needing power points, as long as you’re in someone’s home your phone will never go flat.

8 – Autonomous Cars,


  • A massive amount of the economy relies on people needing to get from A to B, and this will remain with autonomous cars, but taxi, bus and train drivers can say goodbye to employment.
  • Despite this downside there are a multitude of benefits, for one no one will ever drive when drunk again, actually most car crashes will be avoided as the majority of them are caused by human error.

7 – Better Batteries,


  • Battery storage is a big issue right now and a tonne of people are researching into it. Once we get to the point where we can easily store large amounts of power everything will change.
  • The main downside of renewable energy is that you can’t store it efficiently, if you could the fact that it’s only situational would be mostly removed.
  • You could set up masses of solar panels in deserts and move it to where people need it, whereas now we mostly just use it as it comes.

6 – Zero Carbon Emission Fuel,


  • While electrical cars may be the future, their existence doesn’t remove the need for actual fuel as jet planes, rockets and the power plants will still need some form of it.
  • And there’s a lot of different options for fuel that has zero carbon output that doesn’t also happen to be massively dangerous to use.
  • The biggest one would be Thorium, which works similar to uranium except it has no potential to melt down.
  • But there’s also hydrogen and helium-3 based engines which will come in handy, especially if we can’t get battery storage done right.



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