10 Terrifying Personal Stories of Sleep Paralysis

From getting a collect call from Satan himself to making love to your night time intruders we look at 10 terrifying personal stories of sleep paralysis.

10 – The Black Cat,


  • This is one feline you definitely don’t want cuddling up to you at night.
  • This black shadow like cat has appeared to many sleep paralysis suffers in the night. Those visited by the doom kitty will normally wake up to find the creature sitting on their chest with pain and breathlessness soon following.
  • Some also see the cat shift into different more unusual creatures and demons. Being suffocated by cats is the stuff of urban legends but for victims it’s very real.

9 – Insect Swarms,


  • Well if cats stealing your breath doesn’t freak you out maybe being covered in bugs will.
  • One sufferer detailed on Reddit about seeing a giant scarab like beetle looming over their body, suddenly the colossal insect speaks detailing the different ways it will devour their flesh. All before abruptly turning into thousands of beetles and swarming into the cracks of the wall.
  • I’d like to know what methods the beetle suggested, would it deep fry its victim or prefer a demonic human BBQ. Didn’t know insects could be so picky. Then again maybe this one was just triggered from watching The Mummy too many times.

8 – The Devil’s Call,


  • Here’s one that featured in the recent documentary, “The Nightmare”.
  • Essentially instead of being paralysed thinks he has woken up from his dream to answer his phone, he walks out to the lounge room talking to a mysterious voice that asks to be “let in”. When the victim says no the room starts to shake and the voice turns angry, the room begins to shake and he can’t move.
  • Scared out his mind he turns to Jesus for help and bam snaps right out of it and I back in his bed. Who ever said God wasn’t there when you need him.

7 – Rapid Aging,


  • Described as something like the guy drinking from the wrong grail in “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” but on acid.
  • This story involved our victim going from a pleasant lucid dream to waking up paralysed with an old woman in front of their face, rapidly aging before their eyes. God the horrors of old people being shoved in your face like that.
  • The account doesn’t say how they escaped but I bet it wasn’t without the old woman complaining about the cold before rushing off the get a senior’s special at Denny’s.

6 – The Man in the Attic,


  • Why is there is always something terrible lurking in attics?
  • This unfortunate soul had the horrible vision of seeing something very sinister lurking in the roof above them. Waking up they see the roof hatch in their roof open up and a dark begin to crawl out, attempting to reach the victim in their bed.
  • Imagine being unable to move with a clawed shadow creature trying desperately to grab you and pull you into the abyss of you dark attic. Dear God, the horrors that lurk up there…like your dad’s record collection.


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