10 Unbelievable Underground Homes


From something out of the Teletubbies to ­­­­a former missile silo, we count ten unbelievable underground homes!

10 – Malator,


  • Considered one of Wales’ architectural masterpieces, Malator is a property in Druidstone that was literally built into the side of a hill.
  • Locals call it the ‘Teletubby House’ because its turf roof and peephole doorway make it look like the home from the LCD-inspired kids’ show.
  • Interestingly, the home has just one fishbowl-style room that’s sectioned off with different coloured pods. Its sweeping coastal views are inviting and its underground nature protect it from crappy Welsh weather.

9 – Bolton Eco House,

  • In 2010, former Manchester United captain Gary Neville made plans to build an eco-friendly underground home in the British suburb of Bolton.
  • The millionaire football star wanted an 8,000-square-foot, four-bedroom home that would blend seamlessly into the surrounding hillside. Natural light would pour in through huge petal-shaped glass openings and everything would be powered by a Bono-approved wind turbine.
  • The lavish home was constructed but, but Gary’s plan to build an elaborate wind turbine was thwarted when his neighbours complained. Not wanting to cause a feud, he aborted the turbine project in 2012.

8 – Edgeland House,


  • Located in Austin, Texas, the unusual-looking Edgeland House is considered a modern re-interpretation of a traditional Native American pit home.
  • Its organic-looking roof is covered with native grasses and wildflowers, meaning they probably have to mow their roof every Sunday! For contrast, the rest of the home has sharp angles and an ultra-modern veneer.
  • The home is designed to be energy efficient, making it an ideal underground lair for any evil geniuses who like to tend flowers.

7 – Kandovan Cave Dwellings,


  • Although it’s mostly known for war and civil unrest, the Middle East has some of the most breathtaking homes in the world.
  • Located at the base of Iran’s Mt. Sahand, the Kandovan caves have hidden 700-year-old dwellings that were carved out of natural rock formations.
  • Although they’re centuries old, these subterranean apartments have all been updated and include all of the modern comforts of home. Enjoy living inside a piece of history without sacrificing wi-fi.

6 – Festus Cave House,


  • Tucked into a sandstone cave in Festus, Missouri, this 15,000-square-foot home has an unusual history.
  • Beginning as a working mine, it was purchased by a new owner in the 1950s and transformed into a roller rink and concert venue. Unfortunately, this period was short-lived because most concert-goers prefer venues that don’t have terrible acoustics and stifling humidity.
  • The structure was later sold in an eBay auction, of all things. Its new owners, Curt and Deborah Sleeper, installed modern interiors while honouring the original sandstone walls. Thanks to geothermal heating and smart design, stay cool all year ’round without the need for air conditioning or a furnace.


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