10 Unexpected Things Found in Backyards


From a buried Ferrari to ­­­­­­six separate meteorites, we count ten unexpected things that turned up in people’s backyards!

10 – Free Ferrari,


  • In 1978, two kids from Los Angeles were hanging out in their backyard – y’know, trying to dig a hole to China – when they accidentally uncovered a buried Ferrari!
  • Police and neighbours helped them excavate it. It turned out the car had been stolen four years earlier and buried in the yard by thieves. They would’ve gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those damn kids and their shovels!
  • Once it was unearthed, the Ferrari’s original owner was identified and they received a substantial payout from their insurance company. The mechanic who restored it ended up buying it and the car went on to exchange owners a few times over the next several decades. Its current owner has given it the license plate ‘DUG UP’. Maybe one day the car will have its own Lifetime movie made about it…

9 – Alligator Swimming Pool,


  • It can be pretty common to see birds or even a neighbour’s cat in your backyard. But if you start seeing alligators in your swimming pool it might be time to check your medication.
  • But this actually happened for real to Sharon Bente and her husband in Bradenton Florida. One night they heard strange noises outside so went out to investigate. What they found was an eight-foot alligator doing laps around their pool. The gator also appeared to be playing with a small floating toy.
  • The couple raced inside before the gator could identify them as the tasty pork chops they were. They called a professional gator trapper who quickly came over and took the scaly little guy to a gator farm where he can play with all the pool toys he likes.

8 – Multiple Meteorites,


  • You might think finding a piece of meteorite is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, but for one Serbian man it’s happened six times – all in his own backyard!
  • For some strange reason, the man’s small property in northern Bosnia seems to attract falling space rocks. It’s happened so often that the poor man is convinced he’s being targeted by aliens!
  • Seriously, he’s deeply paranoid he has some extraterrestrial hit on him and has reinforced his roof with thick steel just in case. The meteorites always fall when it’s raining so he’s basically developed a huge phobia of rain.

7 – A Fallout Shelter,

  • Moving home and finding new places to explore is fun. But when the Zwick family moved into their new Wisconsin home they were a little creeped out by the mysterious metal hatch they found in the middle of their backyard.
  • They didn’t dare open it and forgot about it after awhile. But one day, the family was feeling was adventurous and decided to see what was inside. Would it be a treasure room? An underground lair? A torture chamber?
  • It turned out to be a fallout shelter from the Cold War days. A ladder led deep down into an old bunker and there were plenty of relics from the past, including clothes, tools, flashlights and medical supplies. I guess it’s better than a vampire crypt. The man of the house no doubt thought, ‘Sweet! Free man cave!’

6 – A Whale Fossil,


  • In 1978, Gary Johnson was just a kid with a very nerdy dream. The Californian teenager was interested in palaeontology and wanted to find a fossil of his own. One day, he noticed something unusual sticking out of the ground in his backyard. Thinking it might be a fossil, he called up an expert and got it evaluated. The expert said, “Bad luck, kid. It’s just a stupid rock.” But Gary wasn’t convinced.
  • Thirty-five years later, he saw a news story about the skull of a twelve-million-year-old sperm whale that had been found in the area. He immediately thought about that old stone that had sat in his backyard for over thirty-five years. He decided to call another expert – this time a palaeontologist from the Natural History Museum. The palaeontologist confirmed Gary was right: the rock was the fossilised remains of a sixteen-million-year-old baleen whale.
  • The fossil now resides at the Natural History Museum where it is being studied. The moral of the story? Never listen to experts.


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