10 Unexpected Things Found In Caves


From underground Mayan megaplexes to cocoons full of corpses, we count 10 Unexpected Things Found in Caves


10 – Mayan Underwater Caves


  • In 2008, a mind-boggling labyrinth of underground stone pyramids and temples was discovered in Mexico.
  • The most perplexing part is that some of these tunnels are immersed entirely in water. Some people believe the cave system was built by the ancient Mayans as an homage to their belief that when you die, you have to follow a dog with night vision through a treacherous water-filled journey and face dangerous challenges before you could properly rest in peace.
  • Despite believing that they could literally build portals to other worlds and realms, the Mayans were incredibly resourceful people.

9 – Romania Poison Cave


  • After 500 million years of being completely sealed, some local communist land surveyors accidentally opened a gigantic toxic poison cave.
  • The sealed up cave in South-east Romania has been untouched for 5.5 million years, and apparently stinks of rotten eggs and poisonous gases. The lethal atmosphere has not stopped many species of spiders, scorpions and centipedes from thriving though. The cave is so dangerous that less than 100 people have dared to enter it.
  • The only form of nourishment in this cave is a floating film consisting of bacteria that the vision-less inhabitants devour to stay alive.

8 – Giant Lemurs


  • A very surprising discovery of animal remains was made in an underwater cave in Madagascar.
  • Exploratory divers found a bed of bones belonging to an extinct race of giant lemurs lodged into an underwater reservoir. Some of these long-lost lemurs were as big as gorillas and scientists don’t really know how their bodies got into the cave. They suspect that their bones washed up over time as there is no sign of predator bite marks.
  • Madagascar is known for its uniquely untouched species of animals, and among the bones were the remains of another extinct animal, the elephant bird.

7 – Obelisk


  • In remote Egypt, a gigantic discovery was made in the depths of an unfinished Quarry.
  • An enormous obelisk that lies on its side was never quite completed by Egyptians because of the cracks that appeared in the structure. If it had been finished, the giant obelisk would have been the biggest ever made at 42 meters tall and weighed over 1100 tonnes. Scientists think they planned to transport it by floating down a waterway to a distant town.
  • Ancient Egyptians were very crafty people and their stone carving skills can be seen in the meticulously designed abandoned monument.

6 – Giant Pit


  • I don’t understand why anyone would actively explore treacherous caves for a living, but imagine stumbling across a cave with an almost bottomless pit.
  • Ellison’s Cave in Northwest Georgia is the twelfth deepest cave in America, dropping a whopping 586 feet to the ground. That means if you’re scared of heights and vomit from the top, it would take a whole 8 seconds for your spew to hit the bottom.
  • Once you traverse the 12 miles of underground tunnels, spelunkers can repel down the pit if they so wish.


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