10 Unusual Places People Actually Lived


From a retired Boeing 727 to ­­­­­­the insides of an IKEA store, we count ten unusual places people actually lived!

10 – In a Makeshift Cave,


  • Yosue Joel Rios longed for the days when man lived off the land and slept in caves. So to get back to his ancestral roots, he dug out a fifteen-foot cave in a Fairfax But while Yosue was travelling back through time, the rest of us were still here in the present – where vandalising a public park is considered a felony.
  • Virginian police charged him with destruction of public property, but they must have been impressed with Yosue’s effort. He’d carved out steep steps which led all the way down into his sweet split-level pad. One cavern was the bedroom, for bringing back those sexy cave ladies, while the other was an entertaining space, for playing Pin the Tail on the Mammoth or whatever.
  • County officials sealed the cave up, filling it with dirt, but Yosue became a local celebrity. People admired him so much that they created a GoFundMe account to fund his next expedition.

9 – Inside a Boeing 727,


  • A woman bought a decommissioned Boeing 727 and turned it into a stunning waterfront home. Joanne Ussary was on the market for a unique and inexpensive home, so she used her connections with a local airport to buy the retired 189-passenger-capacity aircraft.
  • This million-dollar plane cost her just two thousand dollars, leaving her plenty of money for a few modernising renovations. In the end, it had three bedrooms, a living and dining room, kitchen and laundry, and a master bedroom with a personal Jacuzzi where the cockpit was.
  • Ussery christened her new home ‘Little Trump’ in honour of Donald Trump’s similar-modelled $16-million corporate jet.

8 – A Shopping Mall,


  • Many people have fantasies about spending the night at the mall. All that unguarded candy, all those games and toys… Well, Michael Townsend decided to live the dream by taking up residence in a mall for four whole years.
  • In 2003 he built a secret pad in an unused part of Providence Place Mall’s parking garage. He used the space for entertaining family and friends and claimed the whole thing was done ‘out of a compassion to understand the mall and life as a shopper’.
  • Michael was careful not to disrupt mall security – probably because he wanted to keep his public art project off their radar. He and his friends called themselves ‘the Trummerkind’, which is German for ‘children of the ruins’. Or they did until Michael was eventually caught in 2007. He was sentenced to six months probation – officially for criminal trespassing, but it was really for being an eccentric kook.

7 – A Transparent House,


  • If you thought contestants in the Big Brother house had no privacy, check out this completely transparent Tokyo home!
  • It’s called ‘House NA’ and it came about because the mad geniuses at Sou Fujimoto Architects wanted to replicate the homes of Japan’s ancient tree-dwelling ancestors.
  • While it gets more than its share of sunlight, the downside to this completely see-through three-storey home is that anyone can see in at all times! Although I guess if you’re a nudist or an exhibitionist then there’s no downside at all!

6 – Ex-Girlfriend’s Attic,


  • A woman went to investigate some strange noises in her attic and found her ex-boyfriend of twelve years earlier secretly living there!
  • Tracy, a single mum of five kids, assumed a wild animal was poking around. She definitely did not expect to find her thieving, drug-abusing ex living right there under her heater.
  • Tracy’s ex had spent the last twelve years in prison and sent Tracy hundreds of love letters during his stay in the big house. Apparently he couldn’t seem to grasp that she didn’t want him in her life, so he figured his best shot at reconciliation was to show up unannounced in her attic in the middle of the night. He definitely gets women…


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