10 Weird and Wonderful Objects Found in Space

  • From weird shapes found on Mars, to a mysterious extra planet in our own solar system, we count 10 weird and wonderful objects found in outer space.

10 – Planet Made Entirely of Diamonds,


  • If you’re a fan of shiny things, you’ll love 55 Cancri e, a planet that falls under the super-Earth category, as it is made almost entirely of compressed carbon, also known as Diamonds.
  • That’s right there’s a planet out there made of diamonds, but that’s not all the universe has in the way of diamonds, Jupiter and Saturn both rain diamonds, in multiple directions, which sounds lovely until you realise just how painful it would be.

9 – Star Trek Symbols on Mars,


  • Nasa loves taking photos of Mars about as much as your average person loves taking selfies and with the litany of photos being taken you’re bound to get a few weird anomalies, such as these conspicuous Star Trek symbols found on Mars’s surface.
  • Of course these symbols aren’t exactly a sign that the enterprise is a reality, they’re just some interestingly shaped dunes that coincidentally took the form of the Star Trek symbol.

8 – Earth’s Orbital Buddy,


  • Space is super big and mostly empty, but that doesn’t mean weird coincidences can’t happen, the asteroid 3753 Cruithne is a good example of one, as it has an orbit around the sun that’s almost exactly the same as our own.
  • The first thought that you might have is that Cruithne might crash into us, which is a fair worry, but a misguided one as it just doesn’t follow a critical orbit, also like I said, space is super big and mostly empty.

7 – Face on Mars,


  • One of the most famous images of Mars includes the Cydonian face, it seemed like this face was either a huge, unlikely coincidence, or it was sign of intelligent Martian life.
  • Well it was actually neither of those, as it was just a quirk of the lighting and photography, in almost any other lighting it just looks like a rock jutting out of the sand with barely any face-like features to be seen.

6 – Galaxy X,

sombrero galaxy

  • We don’t know for sure, but there are some strong theories that suggest that there’s a dim Galaxy orbiting us at quite a short distance, however, it’s so dim that it’s pretty much impossible to see with telescopes.
  • Most people who believe it exists postulate that it’s mostly made out of the mysterious dark matter, which in of itself is a weird object we’ve found in space.
  • Dark matter is flowing through you right now, it’s just such a non-reactive substance that you can only detect its gravitational pull and since gravity is such a weak force you can’t feel it going through you.