10 Weird Creatures Spotted on Train and Subway Systems


Intro – From pesky Swiss llamas to rogue New York sharks, we count 10 weird creatures spotted on trains and subway systems

10 – Llama


  • Commuters in Switzerland were absolutely raging when their train was delayed due to an escaped alpine mammal.
  • The pesky llama made a daring escape from a nearby farm and headed to the local train station to see what all the commotion was about. Being that he was a llama with no concept of danger, he wandered onto the tracks and leered at the trains right in their trainy faces.
  • After a while he got bored and went to a soccer pitch to shoot some mad goals, but a farmer turned up and took him home. He was probably just jealous of the llama’s sweet skills.

9 – Russian Dogs


  • If you’re ever lost on the subway in Moscow, just ask a local stray dog for directions.
  • Dogs in Russia have figured out how to navigate the city’s complex subway systems to get around quicker. Not only that, but these dogs have also been witnessed scamming commuters with a move called the ‘bark-and-grab’. If these dogs see you munching on a tasty sandwich, they sneak up behind you, scare the pants off you with a loud bark and hopefully you drop your food. They then grab your sandwich and run off laughing and barking in Russian.
  • I bet they don’t even buy train tickets, the sneaky fare evading pooches.

8 – Platypus


  • A railway staff member at a train station in Australia was pleasantly surprised when he found the cutest critter in the world hiding under a platform.
  • Nicknamed ‘Percy the Platypus’, this guy was lost in a drainpipe when he appeared at a train station near Brisbane. The worker who found him took him to the zoo where they cleaned him up and made sure he wasn’t injured before releasing him back into a creek.
  • Aww, hopefully Percy made it safely back to his other ‘imitation otter’ friends.

7 – Delhi Monkey


  • Meanwhile in India, a subway car of commuters was surprised to see a primate passenger hitching a ride.
  • The monkey was spotted in Delhi and looks as if he’s got somewhere important to be. Apparently this is pretty normal in India. There’s an estimated 50 million monkeys causing all sorts of mischief around the country – that’s the equivalent to the whole population of England, but Monkeys.
  • No wonder they’re catching trains, that’s a lot of mouths to feed. The little monkey guy probably has a full time job and a monkey wife and kids to support.

6 – Trash Snake


  • Imagine you were getting home from a long day of work; you step off the train and go to throw your daily newspaper in the trash, only to find a massive serpent staring at you from behind a pack of chips.
  • This live snake was found in a train station in Philadelphia, hiding inside a garbage can. The snake was apparently curled up inside a paper bag trying to keep warm. Animal control came and safely removed the slithering bag of ‘nope’, but it’s not certain whether the snake returned to the wild or whether it was flung into a fiery volcano BECAUSE IT’S A FUCKING GIANT SNAKE.


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