10 Weirdest Caves Ever


From a thriving cave school to a cavern overflowing with giant razor-sharp crystals, we count ten of the weirdest caves ever!

10 – Phraya Nakhon Cave,


  • If you think all caves are dank dark places where bats hang out and listen to death metal, you’re wrong! Located in one of Thailand’s most popular national parks, Phraya Nakhon cave is so inviting that even the country’s royalty like hanging out there!
  • Because the cave’s roof has collapsed in, the whole place fills up with generous amounts of natural sunlight. This means royals and tourists alike always look their best in photos. Sure beats those horrible fluorescent lights in clothing store change rooms. No one looks good under those.
  • Anyway, because of the great natural lighting, locals built a pavilion in the centre of the cave for King Chulalongkorn. The king’s successors have also made pilgrimages to the cave to carve their signatures on its walls. It’s a royal tradition.

9 – The Marble Cathedral,


  • The Cuevas de Marmol, or ‘Marble Cathedral’, is one of the most unique caves in the world. It has crystal blue waters and the beautiful swirling patterns on its walls make it seem like it’s from another world.
  • Located in Patagonia on the Chilean-Argentina border, this amazing natural wonder came about after six thousand years of waves crashing into calcium carbonate. It also has a neat party trick: its waters change colour depending on the weather, time of year and the current water level.
  • You might be thinking: this cave’s pretty cool. I might go visit it. Well, doing so involves a long flight to Coyhaique city, a 320-kilometre drive and a dangerous boat trip. Hey, we said it was almost another world!

8 – Fingal’s Cave,


  • If you want to hire the best architect around, turn to Mother Nature! Just check out her résumé, which includes Scotland’s incredible Fingal’s Cave. It may look like hundreds of hours of man-labour went into this cave’s intricate geometric patterns, but nope – it was all Mother Nature! Woman just rolls up her sleeves and gets shit done.
  • In truth, Fingal’s Cave’s crazy good design work was caused by hot prehistoric lava pouring in, cooling off, and then cracking in a hexagonal pattern. When the lava completely dried up, it left an amazing piece of art for adventurers to explore.
  • One notable explorer was composer Felix Mendellsohn, who visited Fingal’s Cave in 1829. Felix was so inspired by what the cathedral-like acoustics there that he composed his most famous song – ‘Hebrides Overture’ – after the experience.

7 – Glow Worm Cave,


  • For travellers who feel like taking a romantic canoe ride through an beautiful ambient cave, visit the Waitomo cave system in northern New Zealand!
  • It has a warm, calming atmosphere and tiny lights that hang from the walls and ceiling. Oh, no wait – those aren’t lights; they’re thousands of creepy crawly glow worms peering down at you!
  • This popular glow worm cave was formed more than thirty million years ago. The glow worms use their ancient technique called bioluminescence to lure prey to them. The prey gets close and then – bam! – it’s trapped in silky thread, ready to be eaten. That’s right: your romantic cave date isn’t just infested with bugs; it’s full of murder!

6 – Vatnajökull Glacier Cave,


  • If you want to visit a cave that looks like a futuristic nightclub, Iceland’s Crystal Caves is for you. According to the Extreme Iceland tour service, the caves get their incredible colours from a combination of ‘time, pressure, and secrecy’.
  • As the glacier travels and winds its way down the slopes of mountain ridges, air bubbles that have become trapped in the ice are squeezed out. This makes the beautiful ice crystals grow in size and clarity. It’s like you’re playing some glorious next gen video game with the sexiest graphics your eyes have ever seen.
  • Oh, and the best part of these caves is that new ones are discovered each season, meaning you can come back each year and have a totally new experience.


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