10 Weirdest Things People are Allergic to


From baby batter to ­­­­­­modern technology, we count ten of the weirdest things people are allergic to!

10 – Semen,


  • Although it sounds like something you’d say to get out of having sex, semen allergies are a legitimate medical condition! The technical name for this condition is ‘human seminal plasma hypersensitivity’ and it causes burning and itching in the underpants region, and even vaginal swelling.
  • This allergy isn’t just for women; some unfortunate men are actually allergic to their own semen! Researchers have found that these poor guys develop flu-like symptoms after sex or masturbation. Coming into contact with their own jizz irritates their skin and causes mucus to build up in their nostrils. Gross!
  • If you’re allergic to semen, there are a few treatment options. You could abstain from sex and orgasms for the rest of your life … Or you could inject yourself with small amounts of semen, upping the dose over time to build a tolerance. Or you could try what one patient did: have sex every 48 hours to desensitise yourself. I know what I’d choose.

9 – Sunlight,


  • The sun may seem like a friendly dude, but to people with sun allergies he’s basically Satan. Instead of enjoying basking in those warm yellow rays, people with photodermatosis have to spend their days darting from cover to cover, hiding in the shadows.
  • If they don’t, they’ll develop an uncomfortable rash all over their body. It may not be life-threatening, but it’s not very pretty to look at.
  • For people with this allergy it’s basically like being a vampire. Or a redhead. Best stick to wet gloomy places, and don’t even bother going to California.

8 – Deodorant,


  • An allergy to deodorant sounds like something a stinky asshole would make up to justify his face-melting body odour, but it’s actually a real condition.
  • People with this allergy basically react badly to the ingredients in most deodorants and perfumes. The condition triggers horrifying symptoms, like hives, pimples, peeling skin and even oozing lesions.
  • It’s pretty serious, but it doesn’t mean you have to go around smelling like the inside of a dirty gym shoe. Sufferers can try specially made prescription deodorants or gentle alternatives like talcum or baby powder. See, there’s hope for a brighter-smelling tomorrow.

7 – Wood,


  • Can you imagine a reality where touching pencils or paper literally burned the skin off your hands? That’s what life is like for people with wood allergies. It’s terrible. Forget drawing nice pictures or living the dream and becoming a lumberjack. Those things are out.
  • Whether its dust or solid, wood allergies affect people in different ways. They can cause skin irritation, nasty coughing fits, explosive blasts of mucus from your nose and hives.
  • A thirty-two-year-old banker in the UK quit his job to become a carpenter, only to find out he’d developed a wood allergy. He now works exclusively with the only wood that doesn’t set off his allergies: Welsh Oak. Welsh Oak’s got your back, guy…

6 – Modern Technology,


  • These days technology makes the world go round, but for thirty-nine-year-old Debbie Bird modern technology causes painful reactions, like rashes on her skin and eyelids! Like thousands of others, Debbie is sensitive to the electromagnetic field given off by most computers, mobile phones, microwave ovens and even some cars.
  • Electro-sensitivity isn’t currently considered a real medical condition, but it’s believed to affect up to five percent of the population. Sceptical researchers say the symptoms sufferers are experiencing are most likely caused by flues, viruses, or are completely in the person’s head.
  • Siri, is technology trying to kill us?


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