10 Weirdest Video Games Ever


From authentic murder simulators to game cabinets featuring a butt you can actually slap, we count 10 of the craziest video games you’ll ever come across

10 – Mister Mosquito,


  • In this PC game you fly around as a mosquito in a couples house(the couple is Chinese) and you have to suck blood from the husband, and there’s one particular part where you go into the bathroom where the wife is taking a bath(she is naked) and you have to suck blood from her tit. You have to do all this without getting caught.
  • So the main premise of the game is, you’re supposed to go around sucking blood so the mosquito will survive the winter ahead – came out on the PS2 in 2001
  • It was originally only supposed to be released in Japan by Eidos Interative but they wanted a game that’d be quirky, odd but with fun gameplay that most other studios would shy away from publishing in the Western hemisphere
  • If you suck too much blood too fast, one of the Yamada family will notice you and slap you to death, prompting a game over

9 – JFK: Reloaded,


  • Less of a game and more of a playable history simulator designed to recreate the events surrounding the assassination of former president John F. Kennedy
  • It puts you in the role of Lee Harvey Oswald atop the Texas Book Depository – and using official forensic reports from the Warren Commission, you’ll attempt to rack up the highest score by aiming with the mouse and firing 3 times, 2 misses and 1 blow to the head with a perfect score of a thousand
  • There was a competition in which someone scored 784 points, the closest at the time and the shooter was awarded $10,000 dollars for their efforts
  • $10,000 for shooting the president in a death simulator – suffice to say, JFK’s brother was not so impressed by the winning amount, or the game’s existence for that matter

8 – Enviro Bear 2000,


  • Who is driving the car? A bear is driving the car! How can that be?!
  • Quite simply, a driving simulator featuring a poorly drawn bear
  • The object of the game is to drive around an open field, crashing into lakes and trees so that fish, berries, bees and rocks can fall into your car through the sunroof so your bear can eat them in order to gain the necessary girth to endure hibernation
  • You hibernate by driving into a cave and clicking a button
  • It has been called the best bear-based driving sim of all time by website rockpapershotgun, and driving controls as realistic as you might imagine if a bear were driving a car by toucharcade.com

7 – Parodius,

Parodius - Non-Sense Fantasy (E)

  • Part of a series of games that were never released in the states, a parody series lampooning Gradius and other games at Konami
  • You’re given a side-scrolling shooter ship, or a stick man riding a paper plane, or a flying penguin and tasked with ridding the universe of random things like lips attached with robot arms holding cream dispensers or giant dancing women or Japanese women that shoot dancing blue rabbits at you
  • At the end of one of their recent games from 2010, you fight a giant robot penguin standing in front of a black hole at the far end of the galaxy somehow standing on ice and he can transform into a fighter jet
  • Because that makes sense

6 – Seaman,


  • A virtual pet game for the late Sega Dreamcast, one of the few to use the microphone attachment – in which you must talk to a continually evolving creature with a human face, that of the game’s producer Yoot Saito
  • It’ll transform from a parasite to a fish and finally into a frog where it’ll hop out of the water and outside of your care
  • Speaking of which, if you don’t check on your little creature regularly, it’ll die, and aside from checking the tank temperature of picking up the creature you pretty much entirely play the game by giving voice commands
  • And for some reason, the game is narrated by Leonard Nemoy


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