10 Worst Ever Cooking Fails


From unicorn penis cakes to actual science fiction nightmares, we count 10 of the worst ever cooking fails.


10 – Dick Cake


  • Whoever made this cake thought it would be a great idea to build their young child a delicious castle… out of dicks.
  • I’m guessing it was supposed to look like a magical fairy-tale Disney castle, but instead it came out looking like three erect unicorn penises with tiny dancing princesses around them. The base of the cake seems perfectly smooth, but the towers – or shafts as they were– are wrinklier than an old man’s pants snake.
  • The chef who baked this might want to get those flowers on his turrets checked.

9 – Tacoghetti


  • I have a strong feeling this snack was thrown together at about 4am after a long night of partying.
  • The person responsible has spared no expense in preparing this delicious 5 star meal. After finding the nearest paper plate, the hungry chef located two taco shells. After realising he has no taco ingredients – because he’s probably a poor university student who spent all his money on cookery books – he then chooses to literally throw tinned spaghetti in the vague direction of the taco shells.
  • I’m no masterchef but I think this might be the finest dish the world has ever seen.

8 – Cheese Pasta


  • We’ve all made lazy meals before, where you just slap a few ingredients together and call it a meal, but this chef literally did not even try to give a fuck.
  • In what crazy world is floppy plastic cheese a satisfactory topping for pasta? The Italians who invented pasta would instantly shit their pants and explode if they saw this cheesy atrocity.
  • What’s for dessert? A block of ice with sugar glued to it?

7 – Cheerio Beans


  • If someone could please explain what the hell this meal was supposed to be, that’d be great.
  • It looks like someone poured cereals into a tray of sewage and then shit beans on it. The way the spoon is laying across the dish, like someone ate a good third of this monstrosity before realising that death might actually be a better option than continuing.
  • It is disgusting. And if you think it looks delicious, I will come to your house and slap the broken tastebuds straight out of your weird face.

6 – Spaghet


  • There are a lot tricks you can do to cook spaghetti perfectly, but I’m pretty damn sure this isn’t one of them.
  • This genius tried to whip themselves up a cheeky Bolognese, but somehow managed to create a house fire instead. I didn’t even know spaghetti could be so flammable. I mean, they’re sitting in water for god’s sake.
  • If this does happen to you, or you manage to set fire to anything else in your kitchen, maybe find a way of putting it out first instead of grabbing your phone to take a picture.


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  • Lewd (28%)
  • Epic (12%)
  • Creepy (9%)
  • No (7%)