11 Dumbest Reasons Students Were Given Detention


From having a bad haircut to looking at pictures of dogs, we count 9 of the dumbest reasons students got detention.

11. Reading a Book

reading a book2

A student had to serve detention during lunchtime for doing something unspeakable… reading a book in class!


The detention slip had “off task” checked on it, with “reading a book” written next to it. Maybe next time the student will think twice before interrupting the whole school experience by reading a book.


10. A Better Browser

a better browser2

People have their preferences on which browser they use to surf the net. This particular student liked Firefox, but the teacher insisted he close it out and use the browser that the student was told to use.


After two warnings, the poor high schooler was given a detention slip… all for using his preferred browser.


9. Bad Haircut

bad haircut1

Jordan Leetham, a 15-year-old student at Huntington School in York, England, received detention for his Mohawk-like haircut. It seems as though school officials thought it broke the strict rules of the school’s dress code.


Jordan got the haircut because of his hero, David de Gea, a goalkeeper for Manchester United, who has the same hairstyle. That wasn’t a good excuse enough for school officials, who gave him detention for a week or whenever his hair grows back.


8. Hell with This


Getting back an exam might be one of the most stressful things about school. Upon getting back an exam, this student felt strongly about the mark written on it. The student proclaimed, “Oh hell”, and the teacher wrote him a detention slip.


7. The Wood Admirer


Student Timothy must be an expert on wood, because he walked into the classroom and dropped his book on top of the desk. He then said, “That is mahogany!”


The teacher must have disagreed, because Timothy was given lunchtime detention because of it.


6. Being Late

being late1

An Oregon student received detention for being late… even though he was only in first grade! It wasn’t even his fault… his mom’s car wasn’t exactly the most reliable, making him late numerous times.


Giving a first grader detention for being late is bad enough, but what makes this case even worse is the fact that the principal made him sit by himself at lunchtime behind a cardboard barrier. This was the same day when he was late by one minute!


In the end, local businesses chipped in and bought the boy’s mom a new minivan.



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3 thoughts on “11 Dumbest Reasons Students Were Given Detention

  1. My friend got a detention for sitting (Year 1 btw)

    It was recess and my friend was running around a lot. When he went back to class, our teach, Mr L (just calling him that) said to my friend “You sat down without my permission? GO TO THE HEADMASTERS OFFICE!”

  2. The dumbest reason I got detention is for fingering out a magic trick. Let me explain so our school had this thing that David blane was coming and he was magician. I told every one and I got detention for a week. Ever since I hated the girl that did that magic trick. That’s the dumbest reason why I got detentoin.

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