11 Hilarious Reasons People Have Returned Merchandise


From bathroom scales that cause cancer to a possessed toy, we count 11 hilarious reasons people returned merchandise.

11. ‘Slow’ Cooker


People use slow cookers to make soup, dip, stew, chili… hell, almost anything. It just depends if they have a good recipe for whatever they’re cooking. However, it looks as though one customers mistook a slow cooker for a microwave and decided to return it.

The reason the customer gave for the return was that it “cooks slowly”. Maybe next time the customer should buy a ‘fast’ cooker.

10. 3D People


TVs have certainly come a long way since their invention in 1927. Now, there are not only flat screen TVs but some that even let the viewer experience 3D images. Such images were a little too much for one man who decided to return his 3D TV, on the ground that it gave him a headache.

While that might be a little reasonable, the man went on to say that he soon started to see people in 3D. There is a reason for that… other people exist.

9. Reading the Fine Print


It’s not unusual for various electronics to have an auto shutoff function. This includes coffeemakers, heating pads, even toys, such as this cat toy that clearly says on the box that it shuts off automatically after 30 minutes. The customer who bought it obviously didn’t read the fine print and returned it, claiming it to be faulty.

8. No ‘Charge’ (from Reddit user mysterious_baker)


Batteries don’t last forever. Some electronics seem to need brand new batteries every week! But this Reddit user, who managed a dollar store, had a customer return a pack of batteries. Why? It was because they had no charge.

This may seem reasonable, but the kicker is that he had bought them two years ago. Clearly, the customer didn’t realize that batteries will eventually lose their charge.

7. Cancerous Bathroom Scales (from Reddit user Coatrackz)


Out of all the things that can give you cancer, bathroom scales are not one of them. But one woman, who had purchased two, tried to return them because she said they were the reason her mother got cancer. The already strange transaction turned into a screaming match, with the woman throwing a hissy fit throughout the store.

Between badmouthing the store to other customers and continuing to scream and cry, the woman still received no refund. Upon giving up, the woman angrily threw the scales at one of the staff members. The scales didn’t hit the staff member but smashed a glass case behind him.

Needless to say, one of the customers caught it on tape and the police were called.


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