11 Hilariously Bad Fan Art Pictures


From bizarre pencil drawings to amazing paintings gone wrong, we count 11 hilariously bad fan art fails.


11 – Hugh Grant


  • The famous lovable British actor Hugh Grant has a very recognisable face, even when his face is falling off his head.
  • The artist that sketched this portrait almost got it right, but somehow managed to fail at getting the basic angles right. The hand is drawn pretty well but it looks like his fingers are pulling his eyes off of his face.
  • At least they’ve covered it up by making his eye wrinkles five meters long.

10 – Derek Jeter


  • I’m no sportsball expert, but even I know that this drawing of Derek Jeter is very, very bad.
  • Apparently it’s supposed to be the famous Yankees baseball shortstop, but it looks like a drawing done by a criminal sketch artist who took the day off and someone with no artistic ability filled in for the day.
  • Does the artist know that he only has two eyebrows? Why have they drawn three? And don’t even START me on his chin.

9 – Kendal Jenner


  • Apparently Kendal Jenner is famous for being famous, which is probably why some person decided to submit their absolutely breath-taking drawing of her online.
  • I’m not sure where to begin critiquing this portrait, but I would probably say that her lips are definitely the most wrong thing about it, along with what looks like a giant bruise on her cheeks. Or is that contouring? It’s hard to tell.
  • I’m sure whoever Kendal Jenner is, was totally flattered by this beautiful piece of fan art.

8 – 1D


  • Speaking of people that probably shouldn’t be famous, here’s a bad picture of some guy called Louis Tomlinson.
  • I’m told he’s one of the members of One Direction, but in this picture he looks like some ridiculous cartoon character with three teeth, a five-foot wide neck and teenager’s facial hair.
  • Maybe this is what the guy actually looks like though. For all I care about one direction, maybe he actually is a two-dimensional drawing that has grids all over his face.

7 – Orlando Bloom


  • This portrait of British actor Orlando Bloom looks EXACTLY nothing like him.
  • The artist has attempted to capture the rugged charm of the Pirates of the Caribbean actor but failed miserably. They’ve even attempted to write his name in a totally rad font. Next to the drawing they have scrawled “God I need a lot more practice”
  • Well I won’t argue with that one..


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