11 Hilariously Bad Fan Art Pictures


6 – George Michael


  • Making art isn’t easy, and one wrong line can make a whole drawing go horribly wrong. But this artist barely got one line right.
  • Supposedly this is a portrait of singer George Michael. It’s not the worst drawing ever, but when you compare it to the photoshopped version, you start to realise that the proportions are pretty far from being accurate.

5 – Dumble Doors


  • As bad as these portraits have been so far, at least they’re not as cringe-worthy as these horrible Harry Potter puns.
  • Several people have geniusly scribbled the words ‘Dumble’ onto their doors as a homage to the famous Hogwarts wizard Dumbledore. Ugh. At least this one is a more original play on the word Doors.
  • I’m sure Jim Morrison would have loved to see this image of his body with a giant wizarding beard and four random nipples.

4 – Leo Decrapio


  • I think most artists are guilty of drawing bad fan art during their teen years, so I wonder how this artist feels about their attempt at drawing Leonardo Dicaprio?
  • For the most part, they have nailed the shading. But why does it look like his mouth is full of marbles? Something about this picture doesn’t add up. His lack of eyelids doesn’t help, nor does the overly shiny complexion.
  • The problem with drawing famous people is everybody knows when you’ve drawn it wrong.

3 – Jennifer Aniston


  • According to some magazine, Jennifer Aniston was voted the world’s sexiest woman. But this portrait isn’t very flattering whatsoever.
  • Everything about this drawing has failed: the tones, the proportions, the strange grey teeth which seem to be flying all over the paper.
  • I sincerely hope that the ‘artist’ still has their day job, because this picture is inexplicably terrible.

2 – Harry Porter


  • Remember that time in Harry Potter where the main three characters were really, really obese? Neither do I but here we are.
  • Deviant-Artist SaragOjena takes movie posters of different movie casts and draws them as gigantic fatsos. I think Voldemort would’ve had a much easier time if Harry had a pair of curvaceous man-titties like in this picture.
  • I mean if I could magic up any food I want all day every day, I’d be a huge fatty too.

1 – Hotcake Bieber


  • This masterpiece was painted by an Etsy artist called Dan Lacey, and apparently British rapper Macklemore liked it so much he bought it for his lounge room.
  • The painter whose online store is called ‘The Painter of Pancakes’ has a series of abstract works with celebrities and hotcakes, including Donald Trump, Kanye West and David Duchovny from the X-Files.
  • The painting of Beiber looking down at his syrupy pancake peen definitely takes the cake though for weirdest fan art, if you could call it that.


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