11 Horrifying Examples of Video Game Addiciton


From actual withdrawal symptoms from being deprived from video games to murder and assault, we count 11 horrifying examples of gaming addiction.

11 – Tunnel Vision,        


  • There are some crazy internet cafes in the world, for instance in Taiwan a 23-year-old man named Chen paid for 23 hours of time at his favourite place in order to binge on World of Warcraft.
  • But 23 hours later, when the staff came to tell him his time was up, they realised something horrible, he was dead and had been for a while, then a big commotion was raised with the staff and they called the emergency services.
  • It turns out he died thanks to heart failure, as the café was filled with cigarette smoke, but the worst thing here is that the other gamers didn’t even notice until the forensic team showed up and they had to evacuate, the others were so locked into their games that they didn’t even notice there was a slowly decaying corpse in the room with them.

10 – Withdrawal Symptoms,


  • A young boy, aged 12, named Brett was a huge fan of counter strike, so much so that he spent any chance he got to play it, which I mean isn’t that crazy when you think about it, but what is crazy is his reactions when cut off from the game.
  • It only took him a few hours for him to reach an incredibly dark place, we’re not talking about throwing tantrums he legitimately began to think about committing suicide.
  • He’s not the only one that has had these feelings an addict going through video game withdrawal can experience anxiety, irritability and depression, they can even feel physical symptoms such as nausea and dizziness.

9 – Severe Health Problems,


  • We’re not just talking about getting fat or lacking enough muscle to do anything but wank and move your thumbs, there are some severe health side effects that can be caused by playing games way too much.
  • The first and most prominent one is repetitive strain injuries where your thumbs, fingers and/or wrists have been damaged, if you don’t catch it and treat it early on the damage can be a life-long chronic pain.
  • Then there’s all the problems that come with being sedentary, sitting down for too long is not healthy and it can cause heart failure.
  • One kid reported that he had played WoW so much that he had developed deep vein thrombosis, where a blood clot forms due to inactivity, if untreated the clot can travel into your brain or heart and kill you.

8 – Extreme Tetris Effect,


  • For the few of you that have never heard of, or experienced the Tetris effect, it’s this thing your brain does after playing a game for too long and you keep playing the game in your head, this most commonly happens with Tetris.
  • This isn’t really that big a deal for most people, however one woman was so focused on where imaginary blocks would go that she drove into oncoming traffic and was t-boned by a car.
  • In a stroke of luck the speeding hunk of metal didn’t take any lives, but this level of Tetris effect could only happen to someone completely addicted.

7 – Pyromania,


  • Now before we go any further, I’m not the kind of person that believes video games can cause violence, there’s too little evidence proving that it does and a decent amount that proves that it doesn’t.
  • Anyway, back on topic, a 17-year-old boy was extremely frustrated after he lost a schoolyard fight, so he did what any good fire mage would do, find some fossil fuel, pour it on his victim and light him on fire.
  • He claimed he ‘lost himself in World of Warcraft’ and we he lit the kid on fire he had ‘transformed into a fire mage’.
  • He was sent to prison for 8 years and had to pay the victim and his family just over the equivalent of 100,000 US dollars.


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