11 Ridiculous Things That Have WikiHow Articles


From how to live on the streets as a teenage runaway, to how to annoy people on elevators, we count 11 ridiculous things that have WikiHow articles.

11. How to Annoy Your Family and Friends


If you have siblings or in-laws, then you know where they might’ve learned how to be annoying. The same can probably be said about that one friend you just can’t take anywhere.

This WikiHow article wasn’t written to be some passive-aggressive way to teach people how not to be annoying. The article is a genuine guide in how to annoy the hell out of your family and friends. Such tips include pulling pranks, purposely singing horribly, and even making bad comments on everything they say. Of course, there’s always a possibility that people are actually looking for an article like this.

Whoever reads this article and follows it, then be prepared to be the black sheep of the family. Also, be prepared to have very few friends if any at all.

10. How to Be Arrogant


Most of us can’t stand arrogant people, even though we’re all arrogant in one way or another.

However, there are people who are so arrogant that they’re simply jerks. They may believe their restaurant server is their slave, or people are stupid because their standards of living don’t reflect their own. If you’re not arrogant whatsoever but want to learn how to come under the false belief you’re better than others, then read this WikiHow article.

It would’ve been better to write something about being confident, as opposed to being arrogant.

9. How to Run Away and Live On the Streets as a Teen


A difficult home life is nothing to laugh about, but an article that says running away and living on the streets, certainly is.

If your home life is dangerous, like if you’re living with abusive parents, forget about calling the police or child protective services – just run away! That’s basically what this article guides readers through. From what to bring with you to finding a place to live, it’s all there.

But why write an article like this, especially when the various risks are clear. Living on the streets can be just as dangerous.

8. How to Forge a Signature


Speaking of activities that are against the law, you can also learn how to forge a signature!

Despite repeatedly saying that forging signatures is illegal, the article proudly lists detailed steps on how to do it. Just get some tracing paper and you’re ready to risk incarceration. It’s probably fine to do it just for fun, but we’d err on the side of caution and simply not do it. You just never know where a somewhat innocent joke can lead.


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