12 Bizarre AirBnB Places You Can Actually Stay In


From a medieval castle to the inside of a train station clock tower, we count twelve bizarre AirBnB places that you can actually stay in!

12 – A Windmill,


  • If you’re looking to stay somewhere with rustic charm and its own renewable energy then check out this privately owned windmill in Amsterdam!
  • That’s right: for just $37 a night you and up to five of your mistresses – or, you know, your wife and kids… – can stay in this beautifully furnished, fully operational windmill! Come on, don’t pretend you haven’t always wondered what that would be like
  • Other than a lighthouse during sunset or Ryan Gosling’s bedroom, this is probably the most romantic place in the world. So knock this off the bucket list next time you plan a holiday.

11 – Steve’s Backyard,


  • Of course, not everyone likes romance and beautiful views. If you’re looking for the polar opposite of that beautiful Amsterdam windmill, or maybe you want to roleplay life in a prison yard, then check out Steve’s backyard in Napa Valley.
  • For $80 a night, you can experience everything no-frills accommodation has to offer, like plastic chairs, a dirty grill, some rusty dumbbells and… well, that’s about it.
  • Make sure you bring your own tent as well, because that shit isn’t included unless you pay extra. You could probably get a better deal sleeping with some hobos under a bridge but, hey, you have to admit that AirBnB has something for everyone.

10 – Beer Barrel Bed,


  • Thanks to an AirBnB hotel in Germany, beer lovers can now take their obsession to the next level by sleeping in a literal beer barrel!
  • These barrels were used from the Nineteenth Century all the way up to 1995 to transport Ostbevern’s regional brew. But they’ve now been given new life as single and double beds.
  • For $115 a night, you can rent one and have delicious beery dreams. They look pretty cosy!

9 – Yellowstone Tepee,


  • If you enjoy sleeping under the stars but Steve’s backyard is all booked out, try renting an AirBnB tepee! This is a great way to spice up family camping trips – and you might even get in touch with your inner spirit animal!
  • This group of tepees is found just outside the entrance to Yellowstone National Park. For $110 the company supplies cots, sleeping bags, pillows and lanterns. There’s also a circular stone fireplace for keeping warm and roasting marshmallows.
  • I know… I had my heart set on Steve’s place too, but we’re just gonna have to make the best of it.

8 – The Boot,


  • If you’re after something unique in your AirBnB experience, you should definitely check out New Zealand’s ‘The Boot’. It’s a two-storey house in the Tasman region that is – you guessed it – shaped like a boot.
  • The Boot is perfect for everyone from couples to foot fetishists. It’s got everything you need for a toe-tapping good time, like a bed, a fireplace and a grove of beautiful hazelnut trees.
  • At $204 a night, you won’t find a better place to kick off your boots and put your feet up.

7 – An Igloo,


  • It used to be you had to run away and join an Eskimo community if you wanted to find out what igloos are like. Now, thanks to the magic of AirBnB, you can rent them!
  • This particular Igloo Village can be found amongst the breathtaking Alps mountain range, near the Kühtai ski resort.
  • They can be rented for as little as $60 a night. Seems like a good deal.


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