12 Bizarre AirBnB Places You Can Actually Stay In


6 – Dog Bark Park Inn,


  • This next entry gives a whole new meaning to the expression ‘in the dog house’! For just $98 a night visitors to Cottonwood, Idaho can stay in Dog Bark Park Inn: a house shaped like a giant beagle.
  • Guests enter the beagle from a private second-storey deck and they can continue up to enjoy a loft in the dog’s head and an alcove in his muzzle.
  • Dog Bark Park was made by Dennis and Frances, a husband and wife team of self-taught chainsaw artists. They also made most of the furnishings inside. Pays to be good with a chainsaw, I guess!

5 – Recycled Cabin,


  • If you’re obsessive about separating your paper waste from your plastic then this colourful glass cabin in Brazil could be just what you’re looking for.
  • Dubbed ‘Cabana Floripa’, this one-of-a-kind home was built entirely from scrap pieces picked up from demolished houses. The visual artist who built it rents it out on AirBnB and claims it’s the perfect, eco-friendly spot for a family holiday.
  • Well, they say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. It’s definitely a unique bit of accommodation. Sort of feels like you’re living inside someone’s art project.

4 – Medieval Castle,


  • Every king needs a castle, and this AirBnB castle in Galway would make an excellent choice. Because it was built way back in the 1400s, visitors will get to enjoy an authentic medieval experience.
  • Of course, the castle has had a few touch-ups. It’s had solar panels and a hot water system installed, and also a toilet and bath because apparently back in the day people were filthy scumbags. There have also been a few repairs made over the years, but the owner was careful to only use original materials like limestone and oak.
  • As with any Irish castle, there are a few cobwebs and maybe a couple of ghosts, but for under $200 a night this is an amazing AirBnB experience.

3 – Geodesic Dome,


  • An entire castle might be too much for some people. Fortunately there are alternatives, like this tiny wood dome in Bethlehem, Connecticut.
  • It doesn’t have heat or power, but it’ll give nature lovers a great experience and definitely saves you the hassle of pitching a tent.
  • A stay under the dome will set you back just $49 a night.

2 – Clock Tower Guest Suite,


  • London’s famous St Pancras International clock tower has an awesome secret: a hidden ten-metre-high apartment overlooking Kings Cross Station and St Paul’s Cathedral.
  • For $232 a night you can enjoy the awesome novelty of spending the night in a train station. Just don’t expect to get much sleep! As the AirBnB listing warns, trains will be passing through the station at all hours.
  • Past tenants have used the apartment for interesting things. Some set up pop-up restaurants, a rope artist performed a climbing stunt, the Spice Girls filmed a video there, and a famous pianist took used the amazing acoustics to perform a recital.

1 – Smallest House in Berlin,


  • Leave it to hipsters to turn what most people would consider a negative into a cool new feature. For the low price of $14 a night, travellers can stay in the “smallest house in Berlin”.
  • It’s basically a recycled kids’ playhouse that’s been marketed as some quirky, artsy experience. It measures just one square metre, so you’ll have to flip it on its side and tuck your legs in if you want a nap.
  • There are no locks and permanent holes in the wall, so I wouldn’t recommend bringing valuables along. But then again you’d probably only stay here if you hit rock bottom, so I guess there’s no issue.


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