12 Most Bizarre Tourist Attractions From Around the World


From a museum chronicling the history of ramen noodles to ­­­­­­a wall of used chewing gum, we count twelve of the most bizarre tourist attractions in the world!

12 – World’s Largest Chest of Drawers,


  • If being super organised does it for you, you’ll definitely want to make a stop at High Point North Carolina to see the world’s largest chest of drawers. I know, right? It’s like all our Christmases have come at once.
  • The chest stands at a whopping thirty-two feet high and there are socks hanging out of one of the drawers – just to annoy any OCD sufferers.
  • It was built way back in 1926 to prove that High Point was the Furniture Capital of the World. But nowadays it’s just a cool spot to get a photo.

11 – Temple of Rats,


  • Deathly afraid of rats? There’s no better place for you to stop by and conquer your fear than India’s Karni Mata Temple – AKA the .
  • It was built back in the 1400s for the Goddess Karni, who believed members of her family would never die, but would instead come back as rats. It turns out everyone in town also believes this legend, so the 20,000 rats living there are considered sacred members of the Karni family.
  • The rats are known as ‘kabbas’, or ‘little children’, and fed grains, milk, and coconuts every day. The water they drink is considered holy and, according to local beliefs, eating the rats’ leftover food won’t bring you disease; it’ll bring good fortune. I almost believe it…

10 – Upside-Down House,


  • Ever wanted to see a house so drunk it doesn’t know up from down? Check out one of Shanghai’s biggest attractions: the upside-down house.
  • It turns out the builder meant to build a normal house, but he accidentally read the plans upside down! No, I’m kidding: it was an intentional art project.
  • Step inside this two-storey house and you’ll discover that everything that belongs on the ground has instead decided to live on the ceiling. In every room, chairs, desks, sinks and tables hang suspended from the ceiling as if defying gravity.

9 – Valle de la Prehistoria,


  • If you’ve ever wanted to go to Jurassic Park but were put off because of the whole it’s fictional thing, Cuba’s Valle de la Prehistoria might be the next best thing.
  • This prehistoric-themed tourist attraction officially opened in 1980. It has an impressive eleven hectares of land and over two hundred life-size dinosaur models to take cheesy selfies with.
  • It officially opened in 1980 and had its many statues constructed by inmates from a nearby prison. Now that’s how you spend taxpayer dollars!

8 – Toilet Seat Art Museum,


  • If you’re someone who sees beauty in the mundane, you’ll definitely enjoy the Toilet Seat Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas. Rumour has it retired plumber Barney Smith had this brilliant idea while on the can.
  • It began as a small garage project but quickly took off, becoming a popular tourist attraction for road-weary travellers hoping to flush away their troubles.
  • The seats come in every theme imaginable. There are even PEZ dispenser seats, a troll seat and seats featuring various American states. If you’re looking for a unique decoration for home, visitors can get their own toilet seats personally engraved.

7 – The Gnome Reserve,


  • Forget wildlife and nature reserves! For an impishly good time visit the gnome reserve in Devon, England.
  • This one-of-a-kind place has over a thousand gnomes and pixies scattered over four acres of land. There’s also an impressive 250 species of wildflower – but let’s be honest: you didn’t come to the gnome reserve to see flowers.
  • If you feel like brushing up on your gnome history, try paying a visit to the onsite museum, which is bursting at the seams with antique gnomes. Or you could pose for a photo with the person-sized lawn ornaments. But make sure you wear the provided gnome hats or else you might ‘embarrass the gnomes’!


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