12 Chilling Photos Taken Before Death


From a shot of a suicidal bridge-jumper to ­­­­­­a tragic selfie taken moments before dying of poison, we count twelve chilling photos taken right before death!

12 – Pavel Kashin,


  • Parkour and freerunning is very impressive, but it’s also dangerous, as you can see here in this photo of Russian freerunner Pavel Kashin, who made a name for himself by performing jaw-dropping stunts with friends in dangerously high places.
  • The astounding photo shows Pavel moments after making a fatal error and losing balance after landing a backflip off a wall. Moments later he plummeted sixteen-storeys to his death. Don’t try this at home, kids.

11 – William ‘Dave’ Sanders,


  • William ‘Dave’ Sanders was a brave teacher who saved hundreds of students’ lives by rushing to the cafeteria to warn them of two armed gunmen in Columbine High School during the infamous 1999 massacre.
  • Security cameras caught footage of Sanders’ final moments alive. Despite his efforts, twelve students lost their lives that day, and Sanders was shot twice. He is remembered by many as a national hero.

10 – Reynaldo Dagsa Assassination,


  • This horrifying family photo was taken by Filipino politician Reynaldo Dagsa. It looks innocent enough until you realise Dagsa had accidentally captured his assassin on film moments before he was shot dead.
  • The story sent shockwaves through the nation, but fortunately authorities used the photo to identify and apprehend the killer.

9 – Identified 9/11 Jumper,


  • The world will never forget the tragedy of the September 11 attacks. They’ve become a defining moment in history, much like 1963’s JFK assassination.
  • This utterly heartbreaking photo of the twin tower attacks shows an unidentified jumper falling to his death from one of the tower’s upper floors.
  • Many victims of the attack chose to jump to their deaths in this way, as the alternative facing the incredible heat of the flames. Either way, it’s a shocking photo that reminds us just how devastating that day was.

8 – Regina Kay Walters,


  • This photo shows Texan fourteen-year-old Regina Kay Walters moments before she was murdered by sadistic serial killer Robert Ben Rhoades, who toured the US in an eighteen-wheeler that had been fitted with a mobile torture chamber.
  • Regina was one of three victims but was the only one Robert psychologically toyed with. Robert took the photo in an abandoned barn after cutting off Kay’s hair and forcing her to wear a black dress and heels.
  • Robert was eventually captured in 1992.

7 – Christopher McCandless,


  • Christopher McCandless is the subject of the 2007 film Into the Wild. After growing tired of modern life, Christopher decided to spend some time alone in the harsh Alaskan wilderness.
  • He documented his time there with photographs and diary entries – and even took one final photo on a timer after realising he’d eaten poisonous berries by accident.
  • In his final photo, Christopher is holding up a sign saying ‘I have had a happy life and thank the lord. Goodbye and may god bless all!’


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