12 Craziest Thanksgiving Fails


From using the wrong word in a sign to parade floats caught in a lewd act, we count 12 of the craziest Thanksgiving fails.



Have you ever seen a turkey hooker? And no, it’s not what you might be thinking. It’s an actual cooking utensil!

The Turkey Hooker makes it easy to lift your Thanksgiving bird and place it in the cooking pan. A utensil like this that helps you avoid touching a raw turkey doesn’t really make a lot of sense, as you will eventually needs to touch the bird at some point. Sure, it’s important to not spread the potentially-dangerous raw juices all over the kitchen, but cooks can also wear gloves.

Or maybe, just maybe, wash their hands thoroughly and frequently?



Alright, now to be fair Thanksgiving isn’t a Christian holiday… but it’s still an American holiday, and it’s presumed that this Catholic school is located in the USA.

Americans know – or should know – that Thanksgiving is in November, not October. Also, they apparently don’t know that Thanksgiving is celebrated on the last Thursday. The sign reads “Oct. 13”! Yet it’s interesting how they got the date for Halloween right.



What is it with schools and Thanksgiving sign fails?

Here we see a sign that belongs to a high school announcing Thanksgiving break. Fair enough, but take a closer look at the sign. The wrong form of the word was used. Instead of B-R-E-A-K, they spelled what makes your car stop.

Who knows – maybe it was a clever way of saying, “Students are putting the brakes on learning so they can celebrate Thanksgiving.”



Bakeries in grocery stores will put out specially-made pastries that are appropriate for that time of the year. These can include cupcakes and cookies.

Take a look at this cupcake meant to be in the form of a turkey. We’d say it doesn’t look like a turkey, or part of it has a phallic symbol, but we’re not. We’re not because… we can’t. The cupcake was turned to the side and wrecked, making it look like a lump of dog crap on a white muffin with a few candy corn pieces thrown in for a sweet taste.

Though when taken out of its package, it probably looks like a turkey with its left side run over by a car.



Speaking of the products grocery store bakeries put out, here’s another one. It’s obviously another baker’s idea of a turkey, and it’s actually not that bad.

But take a closer look. The turkey looks absolutely pissed, but anyone would if they were about to be killed and served with stuffing and mashed potatoes. Also, look at the heart-shaped packaging. While Catholic schools apparently think Thanksgiving is in October, grocery stores apparently think Valentine’s Day is in November.

Oh, and if you look just below the mad turkey’s eyes, it kind of looks like a demon’s tail.



Yet another turkey pastry from a grocery store, but upon first glance everything looks normal. The pastry is in normal packaging, the turkey doesn’t look pissed off and, well, it looks like a turkey.

But there’s something about this cake. Oh, is that a phallic symbol we see? If you look at its front, it appears the turkey has grown eyes and a beak on its junk. Upon further inspection, it doesn’t even look finished. Don’t turkeys have a waddle?

Wait… no need to add a waddle to that. Never mind.



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