12 Dumbest Advertising Slogans Ever

  • From implying they eat faeces, to deliberately annoying half of their potential buyers, we count 12 of the worst advertising slogans ever.

12 – Quik Trip,


  • How would you advertise your restaurants brand new egg rolls? Would it focus on their taste, perhaps their texture, maybe even their low price and availability?
  • Well any of those might make sense, but Quik trip said ‘your mouth is round for a reason’, I mean double entendre aside, it’s still a stupid comparison to make.

11 – ampm,


  • The thing about convenience stores is that they don’t actually have that much product, say compared to a speciality store, or a supermarket, but for some reason ampm decided to advertise away one of the main aspects of their storefront.
  • ‘Imagine more snacks than you can imagine.’ There’s nothing that isn’t stupid about this slogan, not only is it impossible to imagine more than you can imagine, but it’s such a stupid use of hyperbole that it makes me wonder if a four year old wrote it up and a three year old approved it.

10 – MKG Martial Arts,


  • Now a big reason a lot of kids do martial arts is for self-defence, which makes sense, sure another reason might be because it seems cool, but you definitely don’t want to alienate or intimidate those kids away.
  • So it’s hard to see how MKG couldn’t see how ‘building better kids one punch at a time’ could possibly be taken the wrong way by children and by their parents, but maybe they’re just being honest and they just love hitting kids.

9 – Royal Flush Plumbers,


  • It’s hard for small businesses to get their name out there, so you’ll want a catchy name, or at least I hope that’s the reason Royal Flush went with this slogan, else they have a bizarrely twisted sense of humour or lack the ability to realise idioms can be taken literally.
  • ‘Your shit is my bread and butter’ that’s actually this company’s slogan, there’s nothing quite as gross as the idea of spreading human shit on bread.

8 – Sunglass Shack,


  • There are a great many low IQ guys that have gone into this place only to leave with disappointment, but hey maybe the plot worked and their crass slogan actually got these guys to buy sunglasses.
  • I refuse to believe that the owner wasn’t fully aware that ‘sitting on faces since 2001’ could be taken to mean something sexual, not even abstinent monks could skip over something like that.

7 – Chicago Police – Homicide Department,


  • This slogan was clearly a ploy to sell merchandise, but I don’t know if it’s really a good idea to make light of homicide, isn’t that the direct opposite of what a homicide department should do?
  • But no, I guess making some dosh off the public ironically buying shirts and mugs with ‘our day starts when yours ends’ is more important than building the public’s confidence in their ability to serve justice.


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  • Lewd (14%)
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