12 Fast Food Fails


From organs in fried chicken to uncooked pizza, we count 12 fast food fails.



Most people know that chicken must be cooked well-done before it’s safe to eat. The people who must know that are the cooks in restaurants. Unfortunately, the cooks at PFK – Quebec, Canada’s version of Kentucky Fried Chicken – must’ve decided to skip class the day they taught how to properly cook chicken.

The chicken in this customer’s sandwich is raw. It’s like they took the patty out of the package and slapped it on a bun. Too bad the customer discovered the raw chicken after taking a bite.



A fast food staple is the burger, whether it’s with or without cheese. Everyone has their preference, but it’s unclear what this particular customer wanted. He got a burger from McDonald’s with cheese. Nothing unusual, until you see where the cheese was placed. While the burger came intact, the cheese slice wound up separate.

It’s almost like the employees quickly realized the customer wanted a cheeseburger and just threw a slice in with it.



When Wendy’s founder and CEO Dave Thomas died in 2002, it was a sad time for the franchise. Some Wendy’s restaurants even gave him a final farewell by spelling out something like, “We will miss you” on their outdoor signs. This particular restaurant put a nice little farewell on their sign that read, “In memory of Dave, we will miss you.” A nice sentiment becomes a little awkward when, just below it, it goes on to say, “Now Hiring”. Obviously, a founder and CEO wasn’t flipping burgers as the sign implied.

Regardless, it’s understandable. Restaurants can’t have a death get in the way of serving bags of greasy food.



The difference between chicken and beef are painfully obvious. One is lean, the other not-so-much. So what’s up with the wording on this box from White Castle? The patty is made with all white meat chicken and 100% beef. Is that it? If that’s the case, it’s doubtful you can taste the hybrid meat patty with the other toppings included.

But seriously… either it’s one or the other.


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