12 Most Offensive Board Games Ever


From caricatures enforcing stereotypes, to a game made by the Nazis, we count 12 of the most offensive board games of all time.

12 – Adultery,


  • This is a game about exactly what you’d think it was, except it’s actually a whole lot more literal and crass than you more expect, the aim of the game is to spend a ‘good time’ with two different players of the opposite sex.
  • Amusingly, the game gives out tokens between two and five minutes, something tells me the creator of this game had some physical problems as well as some mental.
  • I don’t know if they intended the man on the front of the box to look creepy as all buggery, but he only reinforces the fact that most people bought this game as a joke gift, or at least that’s what I tell myself.

11 – The Sinking of the Titanic,


  • While most people who are currently alive think of the movie when they hear the Titanic, this wasn’t always the case, in 1975 plenty of people remembered losing loved ones to the disaster, so when a board game came out glorifying the event, shit hit the fan.
  • If you manage to survive the wreck then you go and get supplies from islands, which doesn’t even make any historical sense, but that doesn’t really matter since the game was renamed to Abandon Ship, which quieted most of the controversy.
  • Even though they changed the name, it’s pretty messed up to release a kids game about an event that very well could have been the cause of their grandparent’s death.

10 – Tressy Career Girl Game,


  • Ah the sixties back when men were men and women stayed in the kitchen or she gets what’s coming to her, this game broke girls free of the shackles of what society says they should and shouldn’t do by letting them choose a career.
  • Of course the careers available are rather limited, but I mean surely no girl would ever want to be anything other than a nurse, secretary, teacher, model, dancer or an actress right?
  • Funnily enough it’s also listed as an educational game, which is like forty levels of wrong.

9 – Gay Monopoly,


  • Yes you heard me right and no I’m not summarising, the Parker Sisters thought that it was a good idea to release a game named ‘Gay Monopoly’.
  • I don’t know if it’s as offensive as it could’ve been, but it’s pretty damn close, for instance there’s a mini-game where you have to say ‘faaaabulous’ six different ways in order to get $3.
  • Of course the now defunct Parker Sisters put in the subtitle ‘A celebration of gay life’ and I can’t for the life of me work out if they seriously believed this statement.

8 – Little Black Sambo,


  • Well I mean it is from the 1920s, but still, it’s hard to look at this game without cringing in one way or another.
  • You play as Sambo and if you play it wrong you’ll end up losing your clothes (that you find on the ground by the way) because that’s literally all Sambo has to lose other than his life.
  • It seems to have been more than a little popular in its days, since they were printed right up until the 50s, but hey, it’s not like they knew any better, right?

7 – Blacks & Whites,


  • This was actually created by a Psychologist and was made to educate white people about how bad the black people had it.
  • Of course they went way too far in that it was impossible to win unless you were white and despite this fact, or more likely because of it, it was disturbingly popular.
  • Later on it was changed so that all players could win, although the game still heavily favoured the white players.


  • Wat (38%)
  • Lewd (20%)
  • No (18%)
  • Creepy (15%)
  • Epic (9%)