12 Strangest Things Found in X-Rays


From household items shoved up people’s rectums to ­­­­­­a puppy that swallowed a serrated knife, we count twelve of the strangest objects that have turned up in x-rays!

12 – Delayed Proposal,


  • A New Mexican man hoping to walk the plank with his long-term girlfriend planned a foolproof marriage proposal. He invited her to her favourite café and hid the engagement ring in her milkshake.
  • Unfortunately for him, the future Mrs Idiot was particularly thirsty for milkshakes that day and ended up ingesting the ring and requiring an x-ray.
  • The man’s proposal had to be delayed until the ring completed its gross journey, but, hey, they got there in the end. There’s a story for the grandkids.

11 – Wrong Incision,


  • Australian Patricia Skinner suffered the pointy end of medical incompetency in 2002 when a surgeon left a pair of surgical scissors inside her stomach after routine bowel polyps surgery.
  • Skinner was in agony for eighteen months and compared the pain she felt when driving over speed bumps to being kicked in the stomach with steel-capped boots.
  • Medical staff refused to hear her complaints because they were sure it was ordinary post-surgery pain and that she was exaggerating. Two eventual x-rays were ran because they didn’t believe what they were seeing the first time.
  • During those eighteen months, the scissors had travelled from her abdomen to her coccyx, and had become overgrown with her body tissue. Operating surgeons had to remove a chunk of her bowel to get them out. Gross.

10 – Butt Fly Spray,


  • This unidentified male patient deserves props for trying to spice up his sex life, but he probably should’ve sprung for an actual safety tested sex toy, rather than picking up the nearest household object – in this case, fly spray.
  • After inserting the cylindrical can into his own rectum, the patient was admitted into an operating room for a colostomy.
  • Red-faced and under general anaesthesia, a dilatation of the anal sphincter was performed and the spray can was safely retrieved. High-fives all around. Any bugs living up his ass would’ve got a huge shock.

9 – Ass Egg,


  • Which came first? The chicken, the egg, or this weird deviant who managed to force a chicken egg where no chicken egg had gone before.
  • Actually, unlike the previous entry, this patient didn’t engage in egg-to-ass self-relations for any sexual reason. She was a Middle-Eastern woman in her sixties who, according to village tradition, inserted an egg into her rectum as a form of palliative treatment.
  • Apparently, this is thought to ease discomforts when there’s no medical alternatives around. I think it’ll catch on.

8 – Nail in Head,


  • No, this isn’t what happens when you piss off the Tooth Fairy; it’s a building site incident that went horribly, horribly wrong.
  • Apparently Colorado construction worker Patrick Lawler thought the pain he was experiencing was just a regular toothache. Imagine his dentist’s surprise when a four-inch nail was found passing from the roof of his mouth all the way up into his brain. ‘Dianne … Cancel my 2.30.’
  • Other than some blurred vision, Patrick experienced no other problems, so did nothing about it for six days.
  • Retracing his week, he recalled how a nail gun he’d used had backfired, firing a nail into a nearby piece of wood. Although he hadn’t realised at the time, a second nail had also fired, lodging about an inch and a half into his brain and narrowly missing his eye.

7 – Puppy Swallows Knife,


  • Given the opportunity, babies will eat anything and it looks like puppies are just the same. I’m not sure what compelled it to do so, but this St. Bernard pup decided to ingest an entire thirteen-inch serrated knife … Maybe it was covered in peanut butter or something.
  • The poor Floridian pup had the blade lodged between its stomach and esophageus for almost four days before its owner finally took it in for an x-ray. Surgery was performed and the knife was successfully removed. No puppies hurt in the making of this video!
  • After the close call, the puppy reassessed its diet and has now switched to smooth-edged spoons.


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