12 Terrifying Photobombs That Will Keep You Up at Night


From being upstaged by the spirit of a drowning victim to ­­­­­­a drive-by clowning, we count twelve terrifying photobombs that will keep you up at night!

12 – Ghost in the Lake,


  • In 2014, a chilling image surfaced showing the spirit of a young girl photobombing a family who were swimming in Australia’s Lockyer Creek. When she noticed the ghostly presence in her family photo, Kim Davison shared it on the ‘Toowoomba Ghost Chasers’ Facebook page.
  • Paranormal enthusiasts there concluded that the spirit was most likely that of thirteen-year-old Doreen O’Sullivan, who drowned in Lockyer Creek roughly a hundred years earlier.
  • Kim said that one of her daughters had twice felt something grab her leg in the water and that they definitely felt a presence behind them as they swam. They’ll probably never go near a body of water again.

11 – Going Stag,


  • Ah, before-prom photos… An age-old tradition where girls to dress to the nines and their dates stand awkwardly in the background.
  • Somehow I don’t think these girls will look back all that fondly on this photo. That’s assuming they’re even still alive, and that the intense-looking kid in the background hasn’t locked them in his basement.

10 – Zombie Woman,


  • Everyone loves a good house party – even the undead! At least that’s what this image of four smiling girls and a photobombing zombie leads us to believe.
  • I wonder if there’s an after shot of them all running in terror.

9 – Face Under Couch,


  • Do you ever get the feeling you’re sitting on a complete stranger’s head? No one in this family photograph looks concerned, which either means they’re a bunch of assholes or they don’t realise they’re crushing some poor dude’s skull.
  • What’s this guy’s deal anyway? Is he a sinister home invader looking for a spur-of-the-moment hiding place, or just some punk playing a prank? We’ll probably never know, but he certainly spiced up an otherwise ordinary family photo!

8 – Hunter Becomes Hunted,


  • Here’s a couple of shots of hunters posing with their latest kills.
  • They’re all standing around smiling with their trophies… but little do they know that the hunter is about to become the hunted!

7 – Face in the Glass,


  • Here we see a young woman posing in front of an ordinary door when—holy shit! Do you see Voldermort and Slenderman’s fucked-up lovechild in the doorway!? Must’ve inherited its parents’ fucking creepy habit of appearing in doorways.
  • Although I guess that’s what she gets for exploring an abandoned asylum on Friday the 13th after midnight. God, hasn’t she watched like any horror movie ever?


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