12 Unintentionally Hilarious and Inappropriate Domain Names


From stalking teachers to masturbating ferrets, we count 12 unintentionally hilarious and inappropriate domain names.

12. Penisland.net


It’s not unusual for anything to be customized, whether it be someone’s name sewn on a jacket or a business’s name on a coffee mug.

Pens can also be added to that list. There’s even a website that prides itself as being the only place to buy customized pens. All prospective customers need to do is go to penisland.net. No, no, it’s not what you think… the name is supposed to read “pen island”. The least they could’ve done was put an underscore or a dash between ‘pen’ and ‘island’.

The description on the main page says not to be fooled by imposters, one of them having the name “pen-island.net”. Though it might be an imposter – according to this particular site, anyway – at least the creators seemed to be aware of it.

11. Dollarsexchange.com


Though it may be boring to some, currency trading can be very lucrative, whether you’re doing it as a hobby, or decided to make a career out of it.

Either way, the internet has some helpful places to do such trading. One of them is dollarsexchange.com, which is where you can trade American currency. However, from the looks of the domain name, it implies that you can also change the gender of the money. In all actuality, it’s not supposed to read “dollar sex change”, as you’ve probably guessed already. It’s really supposed to read the name of the now-defunct site, which is “Dollars Exchange”.

Another case where an underscore or a dash would’ve solved this problem.

10. Teacherstalk.com


Admit it, you had a crush on the teacher at one time or another. But did your puppy love turn into obsession?

If so, then visit teacherstalk.com! All kidding aside, it’s unclear what this website was for, though it appears that the domain name was supposed to be “teachers talk”. Maybe it was a place for teachers to gather and talk about this and that? Furthermore, the owners of the domain name appear to be selling it, so either they were crazed stalkers who were no longer obsessed with their teachers, or the teachers who used the site no longer had time to participate.

And we’re not going to say that there should’ve been “certain punctuation marks” between ‘teachers’ and ‘talk’.

9. Speedofart.com


England-based production designer Nigel Talamo has quite an extensive resume that includes many commercials. He’s even won awards for some of those commercials.

If you’re interested, you can check out his personal website of speedofart.com. Don’t worry, we promise that’s what this website is about. It has absolutely nothing to do with passing gas in tight swimming trunks. Could you imagine a site dedicated to something like that?

But to digress, it probably would’ve been better to just have Nigel’s name as the domain name, instead of “speed of art”.


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