13 Creepiest Video Game Theories


From foetuses and abortion to insane murderers, we count the 13 creepiest video game theories out there.

13 – The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask – 5 Stages of Grief,


  • This theory surmises that Link is actually grieving over the loss of Navi and that each of the areas he visits is actually a representation of the 5 stages of grief.
  • Clock Town is denial: the moon is inexorably encroaching on Termina, but the town’s people still carry on with their everyday life.
  • Woodfall is anger: the scrubs want to blame an innocent monkey and do horrible things to it without really bothering to check the facts.
  • Snowhead is Bargaining: the Goron ghost Darmani begs Link to bring him back to life using magic.
  • Great Bay is Depression: Mikau the Zora spends all of his time in isolation bemoaning the loss of his girlfriend and her eggs.
  • And finally, Ikana valley is acceptance, where almost everyone in the valley is basically already dead and Link is forced to move on instead of wearing another mask to cover his emotions.

12 – Final Fantasy VIII – Squall is Dead,


  • The theory is that when Squall falls off of the tower during disc one he doesn’t actually survive the fall, instead the rest of the game is him dreaming as he falls, in a sort of reverse life flashing before your eyes scenario.
  • During the latter half of disc one Squall thinks over death, he says: ‘Will they talk about me this way if I die too? Squall was this and that. Using the past tense, saying whatever they want? So this is what death is all about…’
  • At the end of the game everything wraps up incredibly neatly, as if the whole world was planned, not only that but everything turns out just a little to perfectly, also there’s this image that pops up for a split second during one of the cinematics.

11 – P.T. – Vengeful Foetus,


  • A guy on the internet looked at the scatterings of a story we got in P.T. and theorised that the foetus was actually behind it all, instead of just being a psychogenic reminder of what he did to his wife and baby.
  • Well actually in this theory it wasn’t his baby at all, which was why he committed the murder in the first place, since his wife was ‘just a pretty face’ that was forced to work because of his alcoholism she ended up sleeping her way to the top and got pregnant with her boss.
  • The theory seems pretty substantial when you consider the fact that the voice did in fact come through the foetus’s mouth at one point and said that the foetus is the only other possibly male character it could be unless somehow the voice is the MC in third person.

10 – Limbo – You Killed Your Sister,


  • This theory surmises that the boy isn’t going through everything in order to save his sister, he actually killed his sister and is twisted, not right in the head.
  • He does kill the spider in one of the worst ways possible, by pulling off all its legs in the same way a serial killer would and every other child in the game runs away from him any time he gets close.
  • The other kids were also there to stop him from reaching his sister, stopping him from murdering her.

9 – Five Nights at Freddy’s – Death Row Nightmares,


  • Five Nights at Freddy’s is a game that has a seemingly endless amount of speculation attached to it, one of the speculations is that Mike, the main character, is in fact a murderer.
  • The theory goes on to link the game with a series of actual murders, where a murderer killed four employees at a Chuck E. Cheese, a restaurant that has many different similarities with the restaurant where Mike works.
  • Each of the animatronics have a correlation with his murder victims, as well as Golden Freddy who is linked to the sole survivor, who survived by playing dead in the same way Freddy is slumped over in the game.
  • According to this theory the game takes place in Mike’s nightmares as he’s waiting in death row and he’s forced to watch over the security cameras that led to his capture.

8 – Bloodborne – Menstrual Blood,


  • So there’s a lot of blood in Bloodborne and a specific kind of blood, healing blood, is central to the game’s story as well as gameplay.
  • Well one internet goer realised that all of the special blood vials in the game come from women and that the healing church chooses specific women as vessels for blood, to the point where they’re referred to as blood saints.
  • Not only that but the game puts great importance on the moon cycle, see where this is going? All the healing blood in the game is actually menstrual blood, hell there’s even places with Mensis in the name, which is one letter off of the Latin word for menstruation.


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