13 Dumbest Tattoos Ever


From Justin Bieber tramp stamps to moms who get their necks tattooed on radio, we count 13 of the dumbest tattoos people ever got.

13 – UFC Fan


  • Everybody stand aside, there’s a badass in the building.
  • This unique hand tattoo is supposed to resemble a UFC fighter glove, but looks uncannily like a terrible life decision.
  • The recipient of this tattoo is giving the thumbs up, as if to show that he or she is 100% stoked with their crafty hand art.

12 – Bieber Forever


  • What would it take for you to get Justin Bieber’s name tattooed on your body?
  • In an effort to raise money for charity, Jamie Young of Manchester, England got Bieber’s name tattooed across his lower back for 1200 great British pounds.
  • The tramp stamp which is written in big Austin Powers style font, serves as a permanent reminder of how permanently embarrassing tattoos can be.

11 – Daddy’s Little Mistake


  • Either this is a terribly tattooed portrait of a baby or daddy’s wife is an alien.
  • The guy who got this tattoo was obviously very proud of his ‘lil girl’ but probably isn’t so proud of the ink he got to show the world.
  • For all we know, his daughter might actually be a body-less angry-looking grey ball, in which case, great job.

10 – Nicki Minaj


  • Celebrity tattoos seem to always be a great idea, especially when they’re massive head tattoos.
  • This guy wanted everyone behind him to see how much he loves Nicki Minaj, even when he can’t see it himself.
  • The provocative image of Minaj squatting in a G-string seamlessly blends into his patchy scalp, cementing his obsessive fandom onto his skull.

9 – Atreyu


  • Who needs professionally trained tattoo artists operating in sterile conditions when you can get a shady dude in a backyard to scrawl band logos onto your skin?
  • The wonky flames, crooked lines, and the inflamed and infected looking skin, this tattoo really has nothing good about it.
  • The horrible band tattoo even has the year 2008 in the middle of the design, to show which year the world’s worst tattoo took place.

8 – Eyeball Alien


  • Want to show the world that you’re an incredible weirdo? Get a naked alien tattoo on your eyebrow.
  • The tattoo appears to show a tiny man holding onto his butt while staring the tattooed man in his eyeball.
  • The dark shadows surrounding the long naked alien man really make it feel like an authentic piece of art.

7 – Gosling Crab


  • There’s gotta be a pretty hilarious story behind this masterpiece.
  • Is it a crab? Is it a Ryan Gosling? It’s both, and it’s fairly bizarre. It is unclear why this tattoo exists apart from the sheer absurdity of seeing Gosling’s head with eight pincers sticking out of it.
  • Hopefully somewhere out there is a crab with a tattoo of Ryan Gosling’s body with a crab head on it.


  • No (33%)
  • Wat (25%)
  • Epic (16%)
  • Creepy (14%)
  • Lewd (13%)