13 Most Inappropriate Kids’ Show Messages


Intro –

  • From sex jokes that couldn’t be more obvious to quips about how parenting ruins dreams, we count 13 of the most inappropriate kids’ show messages.

13 – Johnny Bravo,


  • It’s no secret that Johnny is all about the babes, but the jokes go above and beyond the realm of children more than once.
  • For instance when little suzy, a toddler from next door, asks Johnny to come to her party he tells her to ask again when she’s 15 years older and in a co-op.
  • Then there’s also the part where a woman is blindfolded to play a game with the kids and she says: ‘I can’t remember the last time I was blindfolded… oh wait, yes I do.’

12 – Fairly Odd Parents,


  • Fairly Odd Parents was a wacky show about a kid that has fairies that grant him any wish he wants, but there’s a few jokes that aren’t intended for children or at least I hope they aren’t.
  • At one point Timmy takes a paper towel to his room and asks not to be disturbed.
  • In another episode Timmy asks when his Dad’s dreams were shattered, to which his Dad replies ‘How old are you?’; I have no idea who thought that was a good line for a show intended for children.

11 – Justice League,


  • You’re almost certainly familiar with the concept, the DC heroes go flying around saving the day, but there’s an episode with a joke that no well raised kid will understand.
  • Flash is showing off how fast he is, ending his boast with a ‘I’m the fastest man alive.’ But then Hawk Girl says ‘That probably explains why you can’t get a date.’
  • For a man that can outrun himself, it certainly took him a second to get that jab.

10 – Dexter’s Laboratory,


  • A show about a kid genius, pretty clean show for a good 99.99% of the time, but of course adults cannot resist inserting their opinions and jokes in at inappropriate times.
  • The only one that stands out in the show is when Dexter goes next door and sees a woman that has ‘Dad’s Trophy’ plastered on her arse as if she were plucked from a political cartoon.
  • Not only that but Dexter looks pretty pleased with the view.

9 – Hercules,


  • Greek mythology is full of sex and horrible tragedy and Disney did a good job sidestepping all of that in their rendition of Heracles’ tale (Hercules is the Roman name for the same guy).
  • But even though they went through all the effort to take out the really bad stuff they left in a reference to Oedipus, which is a tale of a man that has sex with his mother and tears his own eyes out.
  • Also there’s a frame where you can see a minotaur in the shape of a penis, which might be an accident until you look at what happens after he lands.

8 – Rugrats,


  • Of all the shows on this list, a cartoon about babies, this is the one that really should be clean as a Nun’s bookshelf, but there’s a couple that are there to keep the parents tuned to the show.
  • One of them is in the movie where a baby complains someone cut his cord, then another peers down his pants and says ‘consider yourself lucky’.
  • Stu, the Father, uses two fingers touching each other when he talks about ‘male bonding’.
  • Then there’s the scene where the grandpa brought home movies, one of which is ‘Lonely Space Vixens’, his personal favourite, but only after the babies have gone to bed.

7 – Ed, Edd n Eddy,


  • Three kids run around during summer break, all named some form of Edward if that weren’t already obvious, and Eddy shows himself to have a dirty mind and also an energetic hand.
  • He makes a pun about doing a Snow Job, and then there’s Eddy’s room which is the room that parents have nightmares about.
  • Just look at it, tissues everywhere and innocuous white stuff on double-D’s face.

  • In another scene there’s post-it notes everywhere all over the house and one of them quite clearly says ‘don’t touch yourself.’


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