13 Most Inappropriate Kids’ Show Messages


6 – Arthur,


  • In one episode of this moral jammed show there’s an homage to various different cartoons, all of them make sense to give a nod to.
  • That is except for the South Park reference, where Arthur is layed down in front of aliens zapped and then his clothes come off and he looks pretty disgruntled.
  • Sure kids aren’t going to get the reference but still that’s pretty damn inappropriate to put in.

5 – Flintstones,

  • The Flintstones are notorious for their cigarette adverts, but you can’t really blame them for that, it’s just indicative of the era they were made in.
  • But in one episode Barney and Fred go to get a costume and Barney says he’s going to get a costume that makes him look tall.
  • To which Fred retorts ‘what another head?’ then Barney replies ‘What would I need three for?’ that’s pretty damn overt.

4 – Animaniacs,


  • A Steven Spielberg produced cartoon series, believe it or not, and there’s a lot of Satire in the show that seems pretty clearly intended to get parents to watch as well.
  • But one joke is my favourite in this list, a brother asks the sister to get finger prints, she then comes back with the singer ‘Prince’.
  • Then the brother says ‘No, no, no. Finger Then Prince gets all excited before she says ‘I don’t think so’ and Prince gets sad.

3 – Rocko’s Modern Life,


  • This show has a bunch of adult references, like Heffa the cow doing something conspicuous under the bed sheets, and Rocko working at a sex line.
  • There’s also Heffer on TV playing with sausage and a slug security guard reading ‘Play Slug.’
  • But the best of them all is Rocko going out and picking fruit, only to discover that the fruit he pinched was actually attached to someone hiding in the bush, the person hiding the runs out holding his crotch, nothing subtle about that one.

2 – The Simpsons,

  • It’s arguable whether or not this show is entirely kid appropriate, god knows most of the western adult population loves at least the first 10 seasons.
  • But either way, unlike Ren and Stimpy, the Simpsons is actually watched by many children and it needs to be recognised.
  • There’s this sign, the initials spell out SHIT, the mister plow episode (think about it), Bart knowing why miss hover got her name, ‘Do not touch willy’, the needle exchange that Otto is disappointed is for sewing and so many more, but I’ll mention another 2 because it’s the Simpsons.
  • The sign here says ‘Sneed’s Feed and Seed (formerly chuck’s)’ now what rhymes with chuck that begins with F and S?
  • Lastly there’s the Fuzzy Bunny sex ed’ class where two bunnies are implied to go at it off screen, but then Edna says ‘She’s faking it.’

1 – Spongebob Squarepants


  • There’s no arguing that Spongebob is for kids, it has the lowest possible age rating anywhere you go yet there’s a bunch of hidden jokes in it completely intended for adults.
  • Let’s start with an obvious one, the Krusty Krab in Bikini Bottom, I hope I don’t need to spell that one out for you.
  • Then there’s squidward sticking a Vacuum on his crotch, SpongeBob with a boner nose and Patrick mishearing SpongeBob saying ‘Your genius is showing’, getting panicked and hiding his crotch.
  • The best one is when SpongeBob is hiding in the sand and there’s a yellow cylinder coming out from the sand and Mr Krabs says ‘Please tell me that is your nose.’



  • Lewd (40%)
  • Wat (25%)
  • Epic (13%)
  • No (12%)
  • Creepy (10%)