13 of the Best Girlfriends Ever


From girls apologising with bacon to girls who donate their body organs we count 13 of the best girlfriends ever.

13 – Bacon Forgiveness Girlfriend

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  • Sometimes when lovers fight, they give each other gifts to say sorry.
  • This girlfriend who wanted to apologise for being violent and slapping her boyfriend not once, but twice while she was inebriated, presented him with a tub of delicious crispy bacon. The tub of salty meat expressed her sincerest regrets.
  • Violence is never okay, but bacon is a pretty tasty way to say sorry.

12 – Nerf War Girlfriend


  • Every now and then it’s important to treat your man to a traditional romantic activity, like a nerf gun war.
  • After a long day of working, this guy came home to find this note on the kitchen bench. The note told the boyfriend to defend himself from a hiding girlfriend with the fully loaded nerf gun she left for him.

11 – Desktop Donut Girlfriend


  • It’s always good to let your significant other know where they can find you if they need to.
  • Upon opening his computer desktop, this guy found a not-so subtle message from his hungry girlfriend. She had gone to the store to bring back donuts, or as she called them, ‘deep fried breakfast circles’.
  • Her note even included pictures, in case the message wasn’t clear enough.

10 – Zelda Chef Girlfriend


  • One lucky guy found his whole night planned out for him by his gamer girlfriend.
  • Before heading into town with her friends for a girls’ night out, this girlfriend left out a pre-made dinner for her man with an illustrated note. She even left instructions for cooking, in case he needed hints for his mission to consume the delicious pasta.

9 – Battlestation Couple


  • A couple who met through their mutual love of video games built a couple’s gaming paradise.
  • After moving in together, the pair decided to turn their living room into a ‘his-and-hers’ battle station where they could play games together. They have chosen to play co-opt in their lives and also their living room.
  • Hopefully there’s no cheating in this relationship, or one of them might rage quit.

8 – Breaking Bad Girlfriend


  • Hallmark probably doesn’t offer cards like the one this girl made for her boyfriend.
  • The Breaking Bad themed anniversary card reads, “Phosphorus is red, methamphetamine is blue, we have great chemistry and I love you.” Nothing says ‘I love you’ like drawings of drug dealers and awkward chemistry jokes.
  • Hopefully their alleged chemistry is between the sheets and not on the streets.


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