13 Things You Thought Were Illegal But Aren’t

  • From taking hallucinatory drugs to owning military equipment, we count 13 legal things that you thought were illegal.

13 – Police Officers Have to Identify Themselves,


  • We see it in movies all the time, an undercover cop almost gets the criminal, but there’s a caveat to his work, he has to say that he’s a cop if asked and if he doesn’t the criminal can use that against him in court.
  • Except that’s not at all the case in real life, I mean think about it, it ruins the entire point of going undercover, every single gang would ask every new recruit.
  • Although now that I think about it some more, the rumour/myth was probably started by the police themselves, it’d be a great way to remove suspicion from the ill-informed.

12 – Women Going Topless,


  • While it’s considered indecent by a large amount of the population most places don’t have any specific law against going topless and various places explicitly state that it’s 100% fine for a women to show her tits.
  • So why did I censor these tits? Because I’d rather avoid getting my video flagged and make you log in or mess with the URL to watch this.
  • Anyways it’s obviously got to be legal in Florida considering Mardi Gras and all, especially when you consider how heavily policed it is.

11 – Owning a Machine Gun,


  • Obviously in countries that ban or heavily monitor guns this one doesn’t apply, but in the USA it’s not illegal to own one, except well it sort of is.
  • If the machine gun was made before May 19th 1986 it’s completely legal to own, hooray, go and shoot some clay pigeons or whatever.
  • Of course since it needs to have been made before that date the prices have gone up by a lot, however, if you become a dealer or a manufacturer you don’t need to be in the police or military.

10 – Riding in the Back Of A Pickup Truck,


  • Yeah this is a dangerous thing to do, there’s no denying that, but in certain states of America (usually those with a lot of farms and such) it’s actually legal to ride in the back without a seat belt.
  • I’d personally advise against it, though, since it really doesn’t take much for you to fall off, or rather be ejected at a high velocity when the driver slams on the breaks.
  • But hey, it is pretty fun to do as long as you trust the driver and you’re not on a highway or anything like that.

9 – Defacing US Currency,


  • I don’t really know why people think that this is illegal, especially when you look at those penny squashing machines that you see in all the touristy spots.
  • Well I guess it’s just people misinterpreting the law, it’s only illegal if you change it so that you can pass it off as a more expensive note.
  • And for the bank notes you can’t destroy the money, but if it’s still useable then it’s fine, so don’t go burying that one dollar note you drew cocks on, it’s not going to land you in jail.

8 – Driving Barefoot,

shutterstock - mangostock
shutterstock – mangostock
  • I’ve met a lot of people who say that driving barefoot is unsafe and shouldn’t be done, when I was learning to drive I was even told that it’s illegal, but as it turns out it’s fine to do in the US, UK and Australia.
  • There was even a study done in Australia that says that it’s perfectly fine to drive without shoes on, in fact it’s actually safer than driving in thongs, or flip flops for the Americans, or high heels.
  • In fact in some places it’s actually illegal to drive with unsafe footwear, like what I just mentioned, so you should make sure to take off your slippers and drive with nothing on your tootsies.

7 – Giving Your Kids Alcohol,


  • The US has one of the highest drinking ages in the world, but in 29 states it’s perfectly fine and dandy if your parent gives a shot of whiskey while you’re at home.
  • There’s even a few states where you just need to be in a private residence, no parents needed and there’s 10 states where you can buy your child a pint in a pub.
  • Obviously you shouldn’t go and give your 10-year-old hard liquor, because that will almost certainly cause them some serious problems, but a sip of your beer? Should be fine I guess, but I’m not a doctor, so just go ahead and ignore me.


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