14 Creepy Craigslist Crimes


From S&M encounters gone wrong to satanic cultists, we count 14 macabre crimes committed through craigslist.

14 – S&M,

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  • John Katehis, an American Student, met George Webber, a popular radio reporter, through a Craigslist ad about SnM aka ‘rough sex’;
  • During the meetup John revealed his true intentions and stabbed George 50 times, needless to say, George did not survive the encounter.
  • John later confessed to the crime after being caught, he told the police that he was a Satanist, following the teachings of Anton Lavey and the Church of Satan.
  • The very next day John pleaded not guilty, but was still convicted of second degree murder.

13 – More Satanism,

Shutterstock - Di Studio
Shutterstock – Di Studio
  • Miranda Barbour claims that she has murdered between 22 and 100 people while possessed by her satanic alter ego ‘Super Miranda’; unsurprisingly most people do not believe her regarding these killings.
  • The Satanist cult that Miranda belonged to ordered her to go to North Carolina with her uncle, not long after arriving she met Elytte Barbour who she married shortly after.
  • Miranda thought that a nice little murder would bring the two of them together, so they put an ad on craigslist looking for men not happy with their wives, the couple then found a man, who they then strangled and stabbed to death.
  • Miranda and Elytte are now serving life sentences in prison.

12 – Diamonds,

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  • James Sanders put a diamond ring up for sale on craigslist; he eventually received a reply to the ad and invited the young married couple over to his house to take a look at the ring.
  • However, this was all a farce and the married couple turned out to be a group of thieves, when the thieves arrived they tied down the family while robbing the house.
  • One of the crooks ended up getting rough with the 14 year old Sanders boy; this turned out to be too much for James to take, so he tried to retaliate but ended up being shot by one of the assailants, he then died in his wife’s arms.
  • All four criminals received sentences between 79 and 123 years in prison.

11 – 5-step Heist,

shutterstock2 - Fotoatelie
shutterstock2 – Fotoatelie
  • Diane Warrick, who already had a history of robbing pharmacies for their drugs, went to a drug recovery program and demanded them under threat of murder to hand over their prescription medicine.
  • Diane was found not guilty due to the fact that she was insane.
  • Later Diane answered an ad on Craigslist to serve as a caregiver for 70-year-old Mary Jane Scanlon in California.
  • Mary could not leave the confines of her wheelchair or bed without assistance, so Diane had little resistance when she stabbed Mary to death.
  • This time Mary received a sentence of 31 years to life in prison.

10 – Ponytail,

shutterstock 2 - TRL
shutterstock 2 – TRL
  • Timothy McDarrah was a well renowned editor and columnist for US Weekly and the New York Post.
  • Timothy responded to a craigslist advert offering New York’s ‘Freshest, youngest girls’; Tim was a man of specific wants and he asked for a white 14-year-old girl with a ponytail.
  • However, the ad was actually a honey pot trap set up by the FBI, so when Tim arrived at the destination he was immediately arrested and received a mere 72 months in jail.

9 – The Original,

shutterstock 1 - Lopolo
shutterstock 1 – Lopolo
  • Katherine Anne Olson answered a babysitting ad for a women named Amy, located in a rundown house in Savage, Minnesota.
  • When Katherine arrived she discovered that ‘Amy’ turned out to be Michael John Anderson, Michael led her up to his bedroom on the second floor; no one knows what happened next, but at some point afterwards Katherine tried to flee, but Michael shot her and abandoned her his car several blocks away.
  • Michael wasn’t a very smart man, as he left a towel with his name on it with the body.
  • He was the first murderer to be dubbed ‘Craigslist killer’ and is now serving a life sentence without parole.

8 – Roommate,


  • Boucher was desperate looking for a roommate, he even offered the roommate the only bedroom in the apartment; eventually he found a roommate with last name Williams.
  • Williams mostly kept to himself, never really showing his face, so eventually Boucher grew curious of his roommate and opened the room to find a complete mess, a bunch of personal information about himself and Williams’ diary with a creepy entry.
  • ‘I’m only now just starting to get over being afraid every time someone looks at me twice in the street . . . every time a cop looks at me . . . thinking they know’
  • Dino Loren Smith was Williams’ real name and he was a jewel thief, but Boucher never found out why he had so much of his personal information.


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