14 Embarrassing Acronym Fails


From swear words to unclear titles, we count 14 embarrassing acronym fails.



A lot of us can relate to times when we’ve had to deal with shady car mechanics. Some may have flat out lied about what was wrong with our car, and some may have increased the cost of repairs. If you live near this service center in an unknown Asian country, be wary.

While the name, “Authorized Service Shop”, is normal, the acronym “ASS” isn’t. Then again, let’s hope the acronym isn’t saying anything about the mechanics employed or the service they provide.



In these harsh economic times, many people need to be on government assistance. This can include a food assistance program, which this particular Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant supports. But when the sign maker decided to unnecessarily make “food assistance program” into the acronym, “FAP”, it was the kind of fail that might make some people lose their appetites.



A lot of people use subways and buses to get around every day. Public transportation can sometimes be iffy, though, to the disappointment of many who rely on it. This sign with the acronym, “SCAT”, which stands for “Sarasota County Area Transit”, hopefully doesn’t reflect on what their modes of transportation are really like.



Like the first item on this list, this business has an unusual acronym that stands for a normal business name. But unlike the first item, this one was found in Philadelphia where most people speak English, so it would make sense for the creators to know what the acronym “PHAG” sounds like.

It turns out this is a home décor and furnishings store. Their website even says “phag” is a slang term that refers to an individual who proudly thrives to thwart oppression and negative stereotypes.

What does that have to do with selling home décor and furnishings?



Alright, in all fairness, this sign is in Spanish, so its acronym “SHIT” can be forgiven. While unclear, the sign appears to be for some kind of hotel service, so hopefully English-speaking tourists won’t see it and be dissuaded from staying there.

This is assuming the place is indeed a shitty hotel.


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