14 Most Horrifying Break-Up Stories Ever


7 – G.I. Jane Eviction,


  • An alternative London couple thought they would spice up their romance by giving each other some hot new looks.
  • A couple of new piercings here, a new tattoo there … Their experiment seemed to be working – until the guy came up with the great idea to shave his girlfriend’s head. completely bald.
  • It was all going well until he finished the job and realised, five minutes later, that he just wasn’t into bald women so sent her straight to Dumpsville.

6 – Sleep Breakup,


  • Another London woman broke up with her partner while sleep-talking.
  • She’d been dissatisfied with the relationship for awhile, but couldn’t muster up the courage to end it. Her subconscious mind must’ve gotten tired of all that indecision, though, because it eventually rolled up its sleeves and got it done during a bout of sleepwalking.
  • The ex had no idea it was coming and refused to talk to her the next day.

5 – Parental Breakup,


  • An eleven-year-old girl and her mother were approached by a family friend at the shops who said she’d heard about the mother’s impending divorce. The mother had no idea what this woman was on about. Apparently, unbeknownst to his wife, the little girl’s father had gone to this woman’s lawyer husband to start a divorce claim.
  • The mother was understandably upset. She rang and texted her husband, but received no response. They rushed home and found him shoving his clothes into garbage bags.
  • When questioned, the husband said the woman at the shopping centre was completely wrong and that he still loved his family. ‘What? Divorce? That’s ludicrous! Oh, and these garbage bags? I’m just throwing away old clothes! Thrift stores, that’s all!’
  • To prove his love, he made dinner that night and talked extensively about the future to reassure his wife. At bedtime, he hugged his kids, read them stories and said ‘See you in the morning, my little dragons.’
  • The next morning the family woke to find him, his bags and his car gone. The divorce papers arrived days later.

4 – Ocean Dumping,


  • This reaction is so melodramatic you’d swear it was from a soap storyline.
  • Melissa broke up with her live-in boyfriend after finding evidence on his phone that he’d been cheating. After getting kicked to the curb, the ex demanded everything he’d bought for their house over the years be returned to him.
  • Well, hell hath no fury like a scorned crazy, as Melissa loaded everything he’d bought into her car, drove to the nearest beach and dumped it all in the ocean. She then took pictures of his stuff bobbing in the water and sent them to him with the caption ‘You might need to wait for low tide to come fetch your shit!’

3 – Star Performer,


  • A naive eighteen-year-old was over the moon when her moustachioed twenty-five-year-old manager started showing interest in her. They soon started hanging out outside of work and it wasn’t long before he took her virginity.
  • Because of their working situation, they had to see each other in secret for six months. Then, one day, the smitten girl came to work and discovered her manager had eloped with another woman at work, whom he’d also been dating in secret.
  • As a consolation, he later gave her a ‘star performer’ card – something one employee gives to another to acknowledge their good work. The card read ‘for understanding people make mistakes and bad decisions’.

2 – Replacement Bride,


  • A happily in love couple were just a month away from tying the knot. The bride-to-be had her wedding dress ready and was so excited to begin the next phase of their lives.
  • That is until one day her fiancé called to inform her that he just gotten married – to someone else. Apparently he ‘needed someone who understood him better’. The woman was so shocked she couldn’t form a coherent thought. ‘Okay. Bye,’ she said, and that was that.
  • Her partner worked in the army and had been stationed in Italy, where he’d fallen for a beautiful local. Six months later he was divorced and regretting the huge mistake he’d made.
  • Fortunately by that point his original bride-to-be had moved on and donated her dress. Bullet dodged.

1 – The Demon of Seduction,


  • Sally was a Catholic college freshman who was in a relationship with Adam, a very serious born-again Christian. The relationship went well in the beginning. They had fun together and, while Adam expressed he’d love her to convert, he did not apply any pressure.
  • Months later, Adam was cast as the lead in a church play. His girlfriend bought a new dress and went along to support him. In the play Adam was a youth minister who successfully resisted the demons of alcohol and rock and roll. However, the Demon of Seduction soon appears to temp him away from his ministry. Adam’s character falls head over heels for her and refers to her using his girlfriend’s pet name.
  • He then reveals through a lengthy monologue that he can’t date a girl who hasn’t accepted Jesus as her personal lord and saviour. Effectively, he dumped his real-life girlfriend in character in front of a church full of people.
  • Sally then tried to leave but was accosted by Adam’s church friends who demanded she repent for her sins.



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  • Creepy (15%)
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