15 Amazing Games You’ve Never Heard Of


From 3D platformers with a twist to genre mashups of two unlikely choices, we count 15 amazing games that you’ve never heard of and can play right now.



  • An indie-developed two-dimensional platformer that has a ‘deep’ story, can’t get much more vanilla than that, however, that doesn’t mean the game isn’t great and the story isn’t interesting.
  • Its difficulty is much in the same vein as Super Meat Boy, so it’s hard (to say the least) but it also feels fair, like every mistake you make is your own and not the cause of the developer’s poor choices.
  • This game was made in GameMaker, which makes it impressive that it feels so polished, however, using such a limited engine does give some drawbacks that become more apparent as you play.

14 – Grapple,


  • You’re an orb flying through space and solving puzzles with the help of your stickiness as well as your grappling hooks, all in order to reach a Black Hole, which doesn’t destroy you and instead takes you to the next level.
  • The downside and possible upside of the game is that it’s not going to let you fail, there are unlimited lives and numerous checkpoints that help you through to the end.
  • Luckily there’s challenge to be found in the speed run mode as well as in finding the secrets, in addition to the fact that there are some puzzles that will stump you for quite a while.

13 – Orbit,


  • This game is casual fun, it’s what I like to play when I’m listening to a podcast or something like that.
  • The purpose of the game is to use the gravity of planets moons and other natural satellites to adjust the orbit of your comet without losing all of your mass.
  • You can level up your comet by collecting stars (not the stellar kind), which you then use to increase the speed or durability of your comet.
  • While this is a fun little game, it doesn’t have much replay-ability, but for the low price point it’s hard not to recommend this game to anyone looking for a bit of relaxing fun.

12 – Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils,


  • Now moving on from the casual to the incredibly difficult, this game will probably frustrate you more than trying to put on underwear that’s two sizes too small whilst underwater in the middle of a public pool.
  • Well maybe not that much, but it is a hard game, the genre is officially known as an Action Platformer but is better known by fans as a Metroidvania, if you’re not familiar it’s a game where you navigate a large mazelike map, find power ups, kill bad guys and do some platforming.
  • This game features time control, which is a fun mechanic, but it also features some iffy controls where you have to wait for an animation to end before beginning a new action, in a game with platforming this might be a deal breaker for an otherwise great game.

11 – Parallax,


  • This game is pretty similar to Antechamber, so if you like one you’ll most certainly like the other, the other game it’s similar to is Portal; except instead of placing portals you’re trying to solve puzzles by swapping between 2D and 3D dimensions.
  • Sound confusing? It is at first but I’m confident you’ll get used to it pretty quickly.
  • Despite the indie budget the game feels polished, with few bugs and great level design, the whole game is longer than Portal but shorter than Portal 2, however, the mileage will vary greatly depending on your ability to solve the puzzles.


  • Wat (35%)
  • Epic (30%)
  • Lewd (16%)
  • No (12%)
  • Creepy (7%)