15 Animals you won’t Believe are Real


From demons of the deep to giant sea cockroaches, we look at 15 Animals you won’t Believe are Real.


15 – Star Nosed Mole,


  • This guy may look more like an alien anus with claws but he’s actually way more impressive than that.
  • These underground dwellers are mostly blind but their super-smelling powers well and truly compensate. Their snout has 22 tentacles, which act more like fingers than a nose. The breed’s unique sniffers have almost double the sensitivity of a human hand but are smaller than your average fingertip.
  • They can even smell underwater, which was thought to be impossible for mammals. So unlike us they have the luck of getting to smell all the whale and lobster farts you could only dream of!

14 – Glass Frog,


  • This translucent skinned guy leaves nothing to the imagination. Living mostly in trees in tropical climates, they only take to the ground for mating season.
  • The top half of their bodies is green but the skin of their bellies is see through. This is thought to be an attempt to camouflage themselves against predators while jumping from branch to branch.
  • But this surely can’t be too effective since we can still see their internal organs. Thanks a lot evolution! Someone’s gotta tell these guys to make sure they buy dinner first before they go showing every Tom, Dick and Kermit their innards.

13 – Angora Rabbit,


  • These fluffy rabbits are bred mostly for their silky fur, which is finer and softer than cashmere. The fur is then turned into angora wool and used to make some crazy expensive clothes.
  • The Angora rabbit’s insanely long fur needs a lot of maintenance and they need to eat a lot of hay to help them digest all the hair they consume while they’re grooming. Originally from Turkey, they became popular pets of the French royalty in the 18th
  • They’re pretty docile and make great pets even if they do look like the resulting offspring of an Ewok and a rabbit.

12 – Bergamasco Shepherd,


  • This ancient breed of dog has been rockin’ the dreadlock hairstyle for more than 2000 years before hipster white guys started doing it to look “cool”.
  • Originally bred in northern Italy and used mostly for herding sheep, the effort to revive the dwindling numbers has led to the spread of this intelligent, odd looking version of man’s best friend to places all around the globe.
  • They start their lives with a soft fluffed up puppy fur which “flocks” together at about one year old forming some pretty gnarly dreads that any Rastafarian would envy. But don’t go blaring your Bob Marley records just yet. There’ll be no Rastafarian relocation because these pups need to live in cooler climates because of their thick woolly dreadlocked coats.

11 – Sea Pig,


  • These squishier looking sea creatures are a type of sea cucumber that can fit in the palm of your hand.
  • They hang out in hordes at the bottom of the ocean, on the abysmal plain. Weird and slimy looking with some odd antennae, they act a lot like underwater slugs. Well, slugs that breathe through their anus but, hey nobody’s perfect.
  • Sea pigs spend their lives sucking the scum out of sea mud for all its yummy scummy goodness. It’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it.


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