15 Awesome Movies You’ve Never Heard Of


From aliens abducting the scariest bastard on the planet to colossally well-endowed Japanese samurai we look at 15 awesome movies you’ve never heard of

15 – The Quiet Earth,


  • Known fairly well with Sci-fi fans this gem from New Zealand has never gotten the mainstream attention it deserved for been a frightful representation of isolation.
  • The plot revolves around a scientist who wakes up to find everyone else has vanished. He journeys around searching for others and going more than a little crazy before he finally is joined by Joanne and hulking Maori Api. A love triangle forms and things get super weird by the end of it.
  • This film will make you question what it means to be alone, even if you do live in New Zealand

14 – A Boy and his Dog,


  • This is Mad Max when Max was just occasionally irritable Max so much so that people have accused George Miller of ripping it off.
  • A Boy and his Dog though shares little with our favourite road warrior other than the post- apocalyptic aesthetic with this film being all about fucking. That’s right a secret underground society need Don Johnson’s sperm to save the world and there’s a telepathic talking dog involved too!
  • This film puts the crazy in to post-apocalyptic hell hole. Really we should have seen some sort of cross over with Mad Max and at least the dog…that would put Fury Road to shame.

13 – A Bittersweet Life,


  • Featuring that guy who just payed the T-1000 in Terminator Genisys and Stormshadow in GI.Joe, this South Korean crime thriller is well worth a watch or his name isn’t Lee Byung-Hun.
  • Showing the clash between morality and the ethics of Korean mobsters this film is blast to sit through and it’s mainly due to the charismatic lead. The less you know about this film going in the better so we won’t spoil it.
  • Fortunately we have Lee Byung-Hun’s homeland films to showcase his talents because Hollywood seem to want to kill his career.

12 – The Secret in their Eyes,


  • Winning the Oscar for best foreign language film the year it was released this Argentinean film is one of the best produced from South America and also one of the most criminally unseen.
  • The film follows two detectives investigating a murder case in the 70’s and almost plays like a proto True Detective, jumping from the past to the present and featuring dark comedic elements throughout. Oh and there’s also one of the greatest shots ever put to film. Seriously this stadium shot is worth the price of watching alone.
  • This film puts most modern crime films to shame and will give you a new appreciation for Soccer just for that one shot at least. And yeah you probably heard about this one because of the Oscar win so just complain in the comments guys.

11 – Communion,


  • Oh dear god why did aliens abduct Christopher Walken? I mean were they looking for the most bat shit crazy person on the planet to anal probe?
  • This is a film that blurs the line between bad and awesomely bad with Walken’s performance nothing short of inspired and infinitely quotable. Walken confronting the violating aliens by the end of the film is something everyone needs to experience at least once.
  • Just don’t have a drinking game with this one because you’ll probably die of alcohol poisoning.


  • Lewd (43%)
  • Wat (20%)
  • Epic (18%)
  • Creepy (10%)
  • No (10%)