15 Best Games to Play on Halloween


From games that will make your heart race to light hearted adventures for the easily spooked, we count the 15 best games to play on Halloween.

15 – Luigi’s Mansion 1 or 2,


  • These games aren’t scary, I don’t think they’re supposed to be scary, but if you’re all about the Halloween festivities and not about crapping your pants because of a jump scare, this is a great game to play.
  • The puzzles are well thought out and the combat evolves so you don’t get bored of it as you progress.
  • The general theme is that Luigi is looking for someone and has to go through a haunted mansion to find them and for a change one of the Mario brothers actually has a personality, which I think is more than enough reason to play through the game.

14 – Five Nights at Freddy’s,


  • Speaking of crapping your pants because of a jump scare, this is the game that epitomises that design philosophy, with tight camera controls and a counter intuitive door system the game is out to make you pee your pants.
  • Not only that, but there’s a surprisingly deep amount of lore if you dig around enough, so much so that its caused an enormous amount of discussion on the internet with people swapping head cannon with one another.
  • I personally quite like the art style as well, it’s certainly better than seeing an idealised rendition of what an idea developer thinks 8 bit looks like, also it’s available on your smart phone making it pretty easy for just about anyone to play.

13 – Dead Space,


  • While it’s listed as a survival horror game, it’s really more of an action horror game unless you play on the highest difficulty and you’re really bad at aiming your weapons, because the enemies are there to be killed instead of being there to kill you.
  • With that said, the game is still really fun, has an interesting universe and the story is surprisingly engaging while also being a little bit cliché, but what else can you expect from horror?
  • The horror aspects really shine in the enemy designs which look gruesome and appropriately alien, while also drawing on the familiar territory of zombies just enough so you feel like you’re treading new ground while also knowing what you’re in for.

12 – Don’t Starve,


  • This is a survival game through and through, although it’s not explicitly horror it has a creepy atmosphere and a sanity meter, making it more than worthy of being played on Halloween.
  • It also has multiplayer, so if you want to spend some time with a friend or loved one while surviving a harsh and creepy environment this game is perfect.
  • Just be aware that Don’t Starve will kick you when you’re down, over and over and with a permadeath mechanic this can and will lead to frustration if you’re not prepared.

11 – Siren: Blood Curse,


  • If you like Asian style horror then this game is for you, with some obvious inspirations from the Ring the Grudge and various other not-so-famous eastern horror movies Siren won’t disappoint the avid fan.
  • You’re supposed to avoid the enemies in this game and to aid you the main character has the ability to simultaneously see through the eyes of the MC as well as other characters and sometimes enemies.
  • While this is the third instalment in the Siren series, it’s actually a reimagining of the first game, so you don’t need to feel bad about missing out on the story.

10 – SCP: Containment Breach,


  • If by some strange coincidence you happen to love creepypastas and you haven’t played this game you are in for a treat with this game, the SCP wiki is the basis of this game and the developers created an amazing homage with this fan project.
  • The main mechanic of this game is the blink mechanic, which plays a big part in one particular monster, SCP-173, who moves when you’re not looking at it, there’s also a monster that will attack you if you see its face.
  • The main character is a test subject that chose to work with SCP rather than face the death penalty or life in jail, however the SCP facilities have been compromised and it’s your job to figure out what happened.

9 – F.E.A.R.: First Encounter Assault Recon,


  • E.A.R. is meant to be a horror game, but it’s honestly not that scary if you’re a big horror fanatic, however, that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth playing, as the gunplay and enemy AI are both really well designed and executed.
  • There are ghosts, possessed soldiers and the main character has a mysterious past, so I guess not calling it a horror game is unfair, but in the end I feel the focus really is the excellent gameplay.
  • The main character has the ability to slow down time, but this tends to enable easy mode once you get good enough at the game, so if you’re looking for a challenge I advise to use bullet time sparingly.

8 – The Evil Within,


  • This game isn’t without its flaws, but they’re mostly outshined by the fun gameplay and well above average atmosphere, but if you’re looking for a well written story perhaps you should look elsewhere.
  • It’s pretty much the stock-standard plot, the main character is mister normal cop (or is he?) and shit’s gone fucked, but you can easily overlook this and the technical problems when you’re running for your life from a monstrosity with a hessian bag and chains.
  • There’s a bunch of replayability thanks to the collectables and hidden secrets found throughout each level.


  • Creepy (50%)
  • Epic (25%)
  • Lewd (14%)
  • No (8%)
  • Wat (3%)